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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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23 Nov 44

10 AM

Dear Folks,

Stealing a few minutes to write you a note! We work only half a day today and the cooks have planned a big meal for us this noon – Turkey and all the fixings.

Much excitement here this week. We learned Monday that thirty five WACs from Cp Stewart were being transferred to our detachment and would arrive early Tuesday Morning (4.30) You can imagine what and (sic) hustle there was to get that many beds ready. We had to open up the wing of the barracks that we had used as a storage house and take all the storgae [storage] stuff out, set up beds, make them up, clean the place as it had never been used since it was built.

Tuesday, I learned that I would have to move into that wing and be wing sergeant. So Tuesday night I moved my junk over to the cadre room. Marjorie decided she didn’t want to leave the girls, so I asked Olga Drake, the girl I play tennis with so much , to move in with me and she was pleased to do so fortunately. We have a very small room with two windows, two cots, two wall lockers, two foot lockers. We plan to fix it up with curtains, pictures, rugs, lamps, etc. I think I’ll like it for a change although it may be lonesome sometimes and I shall miss the girls in the other barracks, especially Marjorie very much when I have time to do so!

It means much more work and responsibility as I have to make out the duty roster for the wing and see that everything goes allright and answer all the new girls questions, etc.

I shall finish straightening out my things from the moving this afternoon I imagine.

Monday, in spite of all the extra work, we went to Macon at 8.00 P.M. and played the “Blue Bombers” (Warner Robbins Civilians) and took a bad beating. I played nearly all of the third quarter and part of the fourth. I get terribly winded but I enjoy it.

I’ll be home four weeks from tomorrow.

Love to all


P.S. Isn’t it nice about the garage so near. I believe I get a gallon per day this time instead of just 5. [.5?] so if the weather is good maybe we can drive some.

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