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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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26 Nov 44

Sun. 8.30. A.M.

Dear Folks,

I’m glad you received my box O.K. I thought it would be something for you for Thanksgiving. Isn’t the news about the boys being home grand; I wish that I could get home at the same time but I guess that is out of the question unless they stay as long as Xmas which doesn’t seem possible. Let me know when you know any exact dates on which they will be at home so that I may at least write them there.

I’ll get home Thursday not Friday evening; I miscalculated. Perhaps it would be better to go to Bangor Tuesday so that I would have Tuesday, Wed & Thursday evening there and come back to Lewiston Friday evening so as to have all day Sat there with Dot & Beverley. Do you suppose Mother that would be too close to Xmas for you to get ready to go. If so, we can go Wed really just as well.

Did the weather hold good so that you really could all be together at Aunt Grace’s for Thanksgiving? We had a very nice meal here. And the afternoon off as I mentioned in my last letter I believe. I had a cold and laryngitis so stayed in and went to bed. I was much better in the morning and it is practically well now.

Friday we had another orientation class, going out to the Village Fighting Course to observe the boys practicing out there. It is very realistic with plenty of live ammunition so that the boys have to learn to do it correctly and they do. The safety factor is of course very carefully planned and the boys very rarely get hurt. It is certainly interesting to have a chance to watch the various types of training even if it is difficult to lose that much time at the office. Ida and I had to work in the evening to make up for it. We are slightly swamped this week as Minnie and Pope are both on furlough and Wise had an emergency furlough which left us all alone. We have one of the new girls now which helps. I am working today also to catch up. So with all the responsibility in the barracks and her, I am keeping plenty busy these days.

It will get established soon and I’ll know what I’m doing and it won’t be much extra work.

I am really going to enjoy having a room again instead of being out in the barracks. It will be a good change. Olga is going to be very nice to room with. The only thing will be that there is a great temptation to stay there and read instead of mingling with anyone and thus becoming very unsocial ...We will have to spend some money on it – curtains, rugs, lamp, hot plate maybe, card table etc. And then of course after we get it fixed up, the army will decide to change us someway probably!!

24 days before I start!



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