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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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9 Nov [Dec] 44

Dear Folks,

I’ll be home almost as soon as this letter I hope – arriving Sat. P.M. this coming week. I found I had to make a decision before your answer arrived and as I was not sure just when the boys would have to leave I decided to leave here the 14th – staying Friday night with Phil.

I will plan to go to Bangor for a day or two in the middle of the next week, if possible and, Mother, you can do as you think best about going with me. Naturally I’d love to have you, but I don’t want you to tire yourself too much on my account and I’ll probably be much on the go for the short time I’m there anyway. As for staying at Miriams’s, I know I’d be welcome but I’d rather not be out of town and I’d rather be free to come and go as I wish without having to be a house guest. But I shan’t make plans to[o] far in advance I guess anyway.

I’m glad the boys can use the car. It is a great pleasure after you’ve not had one for a long time and it will help them enjoy their leave I’m sure. I would like to take it to Bangor but I imagine the weather will be too uncerain for that.



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