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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Jan 8 [1945]

Dear Folks,

Got your letter of Jan 5 with Phil’s inclosed (sic) this noon. So sorry about that other letter. As you guessed I mailed it at the same time I mailed Dot’s note but I forgot to put Maine on the address. I even mailed it in Macon so it would get there faster! Naturally it came back to me at camp the next day. The mail clerk & I looked it all over and couldn’t see anything wrong so sent it out again and the next day back it came again. Then I discovered what the matter was!

This week has been very busy at the office and I have been very tired. I have been to several shows as I didn’t want to stay in the barracks too many evenings. Mother, do you remember on those old rank sheets you used to help me with the name of Phyllis Legasse? She came into the Station Complement Unit this week and I took her to the show one night. She has grown up into a nice appearing girl and it seemed nice to both of us to see someone from home.

Olga & I bought us an electric heater which has helped us on some of the cold nights we had last week. The weather varies from very cold to nice and warm. We even played tennis last Sunday for a while but yesterday was rainy and I slept nearly all day-went to the office & worked a couple of hours in the evening.

I saw the picture “Here Come the Waves” very good, and “The Thin Man Goes Home” which was fair.

Sis, I had a letter from Bob dated 21 Dec. saying he had received the boxes. He wants me to send him some more Pecan Pralines which I shall do if I can find any.

I wish I were near enough to get home for a week-end once in a while.

Must stop now and get to work

Love to all


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