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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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12 Jan 45

9.00 P.M.

Dear Folks,

I am taking Drake’s CQ for a few minutes so am using the orderly room typewriter.

I got your letter and Dot’s Birthday Card this noon. You people really are getting the weather aren’t you!! It is getting warmer down here. The Narcissus and the Camelias are in bloom and the grass has started in spots to get green. But it is still very homely everywhere. In only a month it will be time for the Peach Blossoms again. It doesn’t seem possible that we have been here over a year and yet in other ways it seems all most (sic) as if we’d always been here!!

Marj and I had a very nice week-end in Atlanta. We got there about 3.30 our time and tried to get a room at some of the hotels but every one was full so we went to the Travelers’ Aid and she found us a room at a small hotel right near downtown. It was not as nice as those in the larger hotels and was just as expensive but we were thankful to find anyplace at all.

We shopped in the afternoon. Sis I hope you’ll like what I’m sending for Bobby. None of them are exactly what you ordered but perhaps they’ll do as a substitute. Undergarments seem almost impossible to get. I haven’t had any success although the Union said that they were on order. If any of the things don’t fit send them back and I’ll see if I can exchange them.

The opera was fairly good but a little disappointing to me. Neither the music nor the artists were as good as I had hoped. But it was a change and I’m not sorry I went.

Marj is a Universalist and has been wanting to find a Universalist Church somewhere, so we hunted and finally found a small one in Atlanta and went there Sunday Morning. It was a very small but extremely attractive church with probably not more than 75 present. The minister however was very good both in manner of delivery and in subject matter and we enjoyed the service very much. After church, many of them stopped and talked with us and one woman gave us her name and address so that we could write her if we wanted rooms again. It will be a great help if we get stuck again.

In the afternoon we rode the buses and found a very pretty section of the city which we want to see in the spring when the leaves and flowers are out.

We met one of the girls who transferred from here about six weeks ago and had a nice talk with her. We also talked with two WACs from Ft. Benning who knew some of the girls here. And going on the bus I stood near a Wave who is stationed in Atlanta and she was very friendly and told us several things to do and places to eat there.

That is one of the nice things about being in uniform; you do get a chance to talk with many interesting people, even in a strange town; oh yes, also when I was buying some things in one of the stores, a woman stopped and talked with us as her daughter is a WAC Lt. who had been at Ft DesMoines a long time and she hoped I think that we had known her.

We went to see Hollywood Canteen in the evening. Good as those things usually are.

Got home here at 12.15 AM and am slightly sleepy tonight. Hope to go to bed early.

Well, Drake has come back so I’ll close now until next time.

Loads and loads of love.


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