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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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11 Jan 44 [45]

Dear Folks,

Another week most over and nearly half the month gone. It doesn’t seem possible. The weeks go by so fast now that we are busy. The weather is grand today for the first time for over a week. It has been damp and cloudy and very cold, but today though still cold is bright and brisk. There doesn’t seem to be much news here lately. I’ve been working hard trying to get the files set up for 1945 as we want them to be so that we won’t have to change them again, and trying to clear up all the 1944 files so that they are completed. I’ve worked several nights and both Sundays, but we are beginning to see daylight now and I guess we will be able to let up a little now. I have Sat PM off this week and so does Marjorie so we are going to Perry for some sleep.

Last night I studied some on that Chemistry Course I’ve started, but my land its [it’s] a hard subject to master without an instructor to ask questions of. Seems as if the textbook left out everything you’d really need to know to solve some of the problems. Dad, when your [you’re] balancing an equation, it says that the valences must be equal within any one factor and that if they are not you can add the no. of molecules necessary to make them equal, can you also leave off some of the molecules or some of the atoms to make the valence equal. For example, Na O was one factor in an equation; to be right it has to be either Na O or Na O. [not clear] How do you get it that way. Is there a chemistry book over there with any mor[e] elementary explanation; if so you might send it to me.

Night before last, Marj and I went to see Winged Victory. It is sad in spots but a really good picture of Air Cadet Training and Life. There is going to be a revival of Naughty Marietta or rather a repeat with Jeanette M[a]cDonald and Nelson Eddy. It will be good to see it again. As I remember it, it was very good.

The shells came al[l]right from Lewiston, but those from Bangor have not come yet. I have written Miriam to start a tracer. Maybe they are still in the back of her car!! The Major was pleased with them and paid me promptly.

I guess I didn’t get the paper with the Hancock Point Pictures. At least I’ve checked those I did get several times and can’t find any such pictures. Maybe they’ll come later. I really enjoy the papers so keep them coming and also the Sat stories. I don’t have time to go to the library now and they come in handy.

I must close now and get to work. I’m on C.Q. at the office this noon and am snatching these few minutes while everyone is out, but I really should be working as I bawled one of my girls out badly this morning for writing a letter during working hours!!

Much love to all


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