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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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27 Jan 45

Dear Folks,

Not much news this week. I had a very nice letter from Roger yesterday which I shall try to answer tomorrow. Isn’t it nice they are going to be near home for a while anyway.

Wasn’t that sad about Mrs. Crowell? I enjoyed her so much. Remember when she taught our Sunday School Class/ We all liked her as a teacher.

We couldn’t get enough girls for a team this week so I guess our basketball season is over. I shan’t mind too much as it will be light enough to play tennis after supper in just a short time now I think.

I saw the best movie this week. I even sat though it twice. “Music for Millions” with Margaret O’Brien playing the lead. I think that youngster is a marvel. All of the cast was good. Jose Iturbi lead the symphony orchestra and played several piano selections. There wasn’t as much music as I should have enjoyed but much more than there usually is. The story was rather sad but very human, with many humerous (sic) spots.

I sent Mr. Somers $11.00 to cover the next two payments on the car so that I’ll not have to think of it again until July. I suppose I will have around $25 to pay on my income tax from last year. Dad, will they bill us for that last payment or will they expect us to remember the amount?

So warm in here now that we have all the windows and doors open. It is a wonderful sunny day outside. Wish I had the afternoon off. I’m snatching a few minutes so that this will go out today instead of Monday.


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