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July 20, 1942

Dear Chairman,

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you of the Bryant Service Club for the package gift of candy of which I was the happy recipient. Sometimes surrounding conditions are not exactly bright and to be so remembered by the student body of Bryant is indeed most heartening and highly appreciative. I might add that my shipmates here in the Disbursing Office on the U.S.S. COLORADO, and myself certainly enjoyed the chocolates immensely and promise that with the added energy and stamina derived from the candy, we will in turn beat up on so many more Japs.

I would like very much to relate to you some of my experiences, but I don’t believe that the censor would particularly like it and it wouldn’t be quite symbolic of a typical blue jacket. I can say that with our wholehearted civilian support and the ever mounting armed strength and fighting spirit that is at our command we can’t lose. There will be more temporary reverses and setbacks, but they will be coupled with gains and ultimate Victory. There shan’t be a recurrence to the never to be forgotten morning of December 7, 1941. The Navy is on the alert and at their battle stations.

I was also very pleased with the copy of “On the Campus” which enlightened me as to what activities prevail at Bryant. As to be expected, Bryant College students are enjoying all the privileges and advantages of a progressive institution of learning.

I am as previously mentioned in the Disbursing Office on this enormous floating fortress. I can readily say that the advancements which I have enjoyed can be attributed primarily to my training at Bryant. I have successfully passed my examination for Storekeeper Second Class and will be rated as soon as I have the necessary time in my present rate.

In conclusion, to you Bryant students and to The Bryant Service Club, a very worthy organization, the Navy salutes you.

“Gobs” of Success & Happiness,

Charles E. Tumidajski, SK3c, USN
(General Business 1940) [Transcription ends]