World War II;U.S.S> Colorado

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[Transcription begins]

Charlie E. Tumidajski, SKl, USN
U.S.S. COLORADO, Box 26,
c/0 Fleet Post Office,
San Francisco, Calif.

Bryant College Service Club
c/o Bryant College,
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Students and Faculty of Bryant,

Once again thanks a million for the gift of candy, though somewhat late in arriving, it was most delicious, or as we would say in the Navy it was “right on”. It’s indeed gratifying to know that thousands of miles away, I am remembered by you members of Bryant, that constitute the praiseworthy Bryant Service Club. I might further add, that I also thoroughly enjoyed receiving your editions of “On The Campus” and “The Bryant Alumni Bulletin”, which I always look forward to.

I am still situated on the old COLORADO, feeling somewhat like a permanent fixture at times. My particular job at present is still in the Disbursing Office as Storekeeper in charge of the Officers Payroll. I’m doing quite well for myself, having been advanced to the rate of First Class Petty Officer.

You must be undergoing severe winter weather back there, [?] able Jap Spy reports: “Very old in U.S.A. last night, Coffee, liquor and tires were frozen.”

I can’t say anything of my whereabouts or where I’ve been, but I might add that liberties are few and far between, though very interesting.

I hope that Prof. Handy isn’t too critical about my grammar, punctuation, etc., if so; I’ll have to attribute it to the exigencies of war.

To each and every one of you, that help make the Bryant Service Club possible, this “bluejacket” extends you a hearty thanks.

Oceans of luck to you all
Charlie [Transcription ends]