WWII;Charles E. Tumidajski

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c/o Fleet Post Office,
San Franscisco, California.

Dear Members of the Bryant Service Club,

I shall have to apologize for my negligence in not writing for the past few months, but an awful lot has happened since, and I have been more or less "snowed under" with one thing or another. As you will notice, I have been transferred from one extreme to another, that is from a battleship to a tin-can or destroyer, which believe me is quite a contrast, for never did I have to brace myself in a chair or attach a rubber band to the carriage of my typewriter, so that it would move with the sway of the ship, on the old COLORADO.

Due to my change of address, I haven't received and [sic] Bryant Service News or "On The Campus" bulletins for some time, so your club activities are somewhat strange to me at present, consequently, I do so hope that you will record my new address in your files. I do wish to thank you one and all for a package of candy that I recently received, which just about went half way around the world and back home again, and from therein forwarded back to me, somewhere in the Pacific, despite all this handling and subjection to various temperatures, the package as well as the candy stood up very well, so someone is to be commended.

As to my new duty, I can truthfully say, that I like it a great deal, since a person has an opportunity to do work with much morediversion, for instance, here we have a little office, though terribly crowded, since warships utilize space for more important reasons than just offices now, however, it serves as a Disbursing Office, Supply Office, and Commissary Office, whereas on the previous ship, why these were all individual. In this respect, one is able to learn every phase of his work, much more readily.

An item of passing interest, may be that I have recently changed uniforms to that of a Chief Petty officer or Chief Storekeeper, which decidedly has it[s] advantages in a good many respects.

If Mr. Handy should see this letter, he would be astonished at the number of errors in grammar, punctuation, etc., however, I shall have to attribute it to the adverse conditions under which I am working, trusting that he will make allowances for this.

There are so many items of interest that I would like to relate to you, but are all to be classed as military secrets, so far be it for me to try to circumvent our censorship regulations, however, I suppose it's permissable to say that you may be quite certain that the LAWS will be in there pitching, doing her utmost to make the foe feel the full fury of our attacking forces, whenever opportunity arises.

In conclusion, thanks again for the package and sincere best wishes to you one and all from the branch of the Navy that "Hits hard and travels fast."

Most sincerely,

(for the censor)
Charles E. Tumidajski, CSK, USN.
U.S.S. LAWS (DD558) c/o F.P.O.
San Francisco, Calif.

P. S. I would appreciate having the complete address of the Balfour Co. forwarded to me, so that I may have the stone in my class ring replaced, due to its being chipped against one of the ship's "stanchions."
[Transcription ends]