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Pfc L. J. Turnbull MCWR

WRS 14 MCAS Navy 61

c/o F. P. O. S.F., Calif.

John Turnbull



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6 June 45

Dear Johnny & Mom,

How was your trip to Minneapolis? I’ll bet Jeanne showed you a grand time. This noon I got your letter, Mom, written at the Curtis. Write & tell me all about it. Did Jean decide to finish school?

Be sure to tell me about that newsreel Wardie was supposed to be seen in. I can’t help but think about it all day long. I think it very stupid of Jean to even mention it if it wasn’t true, but now I want to know all about it. Right away!

I won’t be the one to make that fortune teller’s tales come true, that’s for sure!

Mom, I hope you will go up north with Mrs. Dunn. I’m sure you would love their cottage and lake. You would have a wonderful time—wish I could go with almost.

I started this envelope to Johnny at San Diego—I unconsciously ended up with the wrong last name.

Sunday afternoon Doris (my wing leader from Cherry Point) & a bunch of fellows/and girls drove around the island. The mountain roads we took were beautiful. We picked pineapples as we tried to forget about the $35.00 fine for every pineapple picked. We also picked a flock of coconuts & I’m sending one home today as well as, two other packages. One is Johnny’s birthday present.

We visited the Blow Hole the same afternoon. It’s a hole though the coral & the surf comes pounding in under it so the compression forces a high white spray to come up out of it. It’s really beautiful. The Mormon Temple we visited is about the most beautiful building & landscaping on the islands. It’s sort of like the Tahjma (sp) Hall [sic] in India with all the pools leading up to the main part of the temple. It started to rain while we were there. One minute the sun is out & the next it’s raining & then before you know it the sun comes beaming out. We stood under the Banyan trees until it quite [sic].

If you can ever get me any hose send them to me. All we can get are 45 gauge which fall apart promptly. Also send via airmail my burning iron—test it to see if it heats.

I got my photo album, but only about half my pictures with it—Please send them so I can start putting them in. Also send the picture of Betty, Woody & I in Mexico.

On liberty, Mary & I went into Honolulu—shopped awhile. I broke my watch so took it into a jeweler. We ate dinner out at Waikiki, a steak at that. From there we went out to the Service Woman’s U. S. O. Doned [sic] our bathing suits and took a long sun bath and ate watermellon [sic] til we couldn’t eat another bite. Will you send me a package of watermellon seeds in your next letter so I can plant them behind the barracks(?) Sat on the terrace & played records until it was time to leave.

Write soon & I’ll try to be better in writing.



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