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Pvt. Lorraine J. Turnbull MCWR

W. R. Bks 223-2 A. E. S. #45

M. C. A. S. Cherry Point, N. C.

Miss Jean Turnbull

3009 N. Highland Blvd.

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Feb. 15th

Dear Jeanne,

Seeing I haven’t had but a half a dozen letters in the last month I’ve decided I better get on the ball and send a few people my address. It seems like ages since I last heard [from] you so give out soon.

I called home last night & I couldn’t get through until after 3 o’clock here—2 o’clock at home. I told the folks I would call, but I guess that didn’t mean very much because I talked to Gramp. No one woke up at home. It was good to talk to gramp, but I would have liked to have heard Mom & Pop’s voice, too. Last night I was too tired to be disappointed, I hit the sack right away and then up at 4:30.

I guess you know I’m on mess duty again. It isn’t too hard though. The only thing wrong is that we have to stay here all day long. Once in a while we finish early, but we can’t go back to the barracks. All the girls sleep on the floor or on the benches. I’m writing letters in the mess hall right now.

Are you & Buggs still chummy? I’ve met a lot of swell fellows since I’ve been in the M. C. Right now I’m dating a boy from Mass. who has been across for 1 ½ years. He is an aerial gunner. He’s going to arrange for getting me a plane ride. What have you been doing for excitement?

I was on one of the basketball teams until they got me & put me in the mess hall. They play & practice when I have to be at work—Darn! I saw a movie “Lady Marines” Monday night & it was shot at New River. Floyd was in it, he was working on a patient.

I’ve got the swellest bunkie—she’s from Pennsylvania. We sure have a lot of fun when we happen to be in the barracks. It seems I’m never there long enough to do anything.

I met Norma Kravick the other day & I see her often ‘cause she eats here. My boot camp bunkie came up to see me this last weekend so I had to stay in this foul mess hall all the time. You ought to see all the M. C. pilots around here. The place is loaded with them, but enlisted personnel can not date them.

I also met a girl from Whitewater who knew Mark Droves & Bill [D?]outon. It rained here so hard last night the streets were flooded so we went to the movie, The Rains Came.

The mess Sgt. Is an the rampage so I’ll have to close for now—right soon—

I’ve been classified as an Aviation Machinists mate. I’ll be a[n] airplane mechanic. We check the planes, start & warm them up for the pilots. It means 21 weeks of school at Norman, Oklahoma, that is if my orders say so. I could be here on mess duty for 60 - 90 days if they get the urge.



P. S. Say hello to Ellen. How is work? Have Ellen give you those pictures of us in our coveralls back so we can get some made. The dumb place where we sent the negs. lost them & I would like some.

P. S. Here’s a proposition—it’s only fair as far as I am concerned. I’ve given you practically all my clothes (suits too) so would you buy me sports clothes once in a while. We can wear slacks & sweaters for sports. We are not allowed to wear our dungarees at all for that. I’d like some boy’s sweaters—any color—(not kacki [sic]) is ok. I’d send you some money, but I’ve been dead broke for a week.

See if you can get a hold of a padlock for my locker will you?

Merci Beaucoup!

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