World War II

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May 29, 1942

Dear Gang:

You’ll never know the pleasure your gift of cigarettes gave me. I certainly was surprised and way down deep it gave me a happy feeling to know that the “old School” is doing its part too.

If and when any of you fellows join up you can rest assured that your present training will stand you in good stead--not joking either.

Here I’ve been in the Army close to 14 months and for 12 of them I’ve been doing clerical work. Of course I’m not a General but--confidentially the work’s a racket.

If any of you are as fortunate as to be stationed here at Jamestown, get in touch with me- I’ll be glad to give you all the tips and help I can.

Thanks again for remembering,

Gordon A. Van Eck
Corp. 243d C.A. Personnel
Fort Getty, R.I. [Transcription ends]