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October 17, 1942

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College,
Providence, R.I.

Dear Sir:

My folks remailed the enclosed card to me, and I was surprised to learn that you ahd not received my acknowledgement. In my last letter I also stated my new address, which is:

Corporal Gordon Van Eck
Hq., H. D. of Narr. Bay
Fort Adams, R.I.

Next month, November 14th, I am getting married to a Newport girl, Jeannette P. McAlpine. I’ve been given permission to live in Newport, and at the present we’re spending our time looking for an apartment. Also I’ve been granted a 10 day furlough for a honeymoon. So you see the Army has its good sides as well as the bad which is usually emphasized.

We, in the service, appreciate all you are doing to keep alive the ties with the past. Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Gordon Van Eck
Corporal, C.A.C. [Transcription ends]