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June 11, 1943

Bryant Service Club:

I meant to write to you when I received a copy of “On the Campus.” It felt good to read about the school activities since we left school.

This noon I received your cigarettes. On the card it says, “little gift” but this gift is mostly appreciated. I’d like to thank each member of the club personally but seeing that it is impossible, I want to do the next best thing which [is] to thank them by writing.

My present address is not the same as you have on your records. It is on the envelope and will most probably be changed again soon since I expect to go to an “Administrative School.”

With each puff on a cigarette, I’ll be thinking of different schoolmates who were fortunate enough to stay in school & wishing that I, someday, may be able to come back to finish my schooling.

Yours truly
Pvt. Bernard Vezina
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