WWII;Kenneth E. Wheeler;Lee Field, Naval Air Forces

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January 5, 1943


Dear Gang:

Many thanks for the grand remembrance at Christmas. The cigarettes did arrive in time and were in perfect condition. There is certainly no better feeling than to know that some of the gang are looking out for us. The Bryant Service Club is certainly doing a grand jot—keep it up.

Here in Florida I am enjoying grand summer weather as well as some great flying.

I expect to receive my wings in about two weeks and that will certainly be a thrill. I’m looking forward to my leave when I can get another chance to see the old gang although I understand that most of my class is in the service.

Please say “hello” to Bill Lambert for me. Also, tell the Phi Sig bunch to keep ahead of Beta as we always have in the past.

My new address is below and once again, many thanks!! Happy New Year to everyone.

Yours sincerely,
Ken Wheeler

Aviation Cadet Kenneth E. Wheeler
U. S. Naval Air Station
Lee Field, Florida
Bldg. 27 Room 235
[Transcription ends]