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1st Ind

Station Hospital, Patterson Field, Fairfield, Ohio February 21, 1943.
TO: Bryant College Service Club, Bryant College, Providence, Rhode Island.

The enclosed letter was forwarded to me by my parents and I wish to apologize for not acknowledging receipt of the lovely Christmas package that the Service Club sent me. I thought I had acknowledged your gift but it is very possible that I slipped up on answering as I had so much Christmas mail.

My training at Bryant College is prooving [sic] its worth during these trying times. At present I am Pay Roll Clerk besides taking care of War Bonds, Insurance and Allotments. My Tax knowledge has come in handy more than once during the past month. As a special service I have been helping both Enlisted Men and Officers with their Income Tax returns and have earned quite a nice reputation. The teaching staff at Bryant College had a lot to do with this as it gave me the necessary background to go out into the world and cope with its many problems.

Please accept my belated thanks for your Christmas gift. Your club is doing a wonderful job and is really appreciated by the boys in the service. I have definite proof as I correspond quite regularly with a few boys who graduated from Bryant College with me in 1940.

Sergeant, Det., Med Dept. [Transcription ends]