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World War ll;Correspondence;Work;Camaraderie of War Wives;Censor's Marks;Letting Hair Down;Readjustment;Weather;Aviation;Mail as a morale builder


My dearest Johnny: —

How’s my honey today? You better say “ok” or ___!

Honey, I’m sorry I disappointed you so at mail call but I’ve been in a whirl here. You see, I’m changing my job and I gave the boss a month’s notice and he still hasn’t even tried to get a replacement. He wants me to stay but I think it’s better for me not to for at this office I have too much responsibility—in fact I should have some helpers with the work but no, I have to do it all myself! At this office I’m sort of a jack-of-all-trades and it’s getting me down so I’m leaving! Do you blame me? I’m a secretary but I also have to take care of the payroll, accounting work and what-have-you! Tomorrow I’m telling the boss I’m leaving the end of the week for he thinks by his not getting a girl to take my place I’ll change my mind, but he’s wrong. Enough of this chatter but I wanted to give you an idea of some kind why I haven’t written so much! I spend most of my spare time discussing this work situation with my mother for I know there are a lot of “for and against” about my decision...

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