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Dearest Johnny: —

How’s my sweetheart today? Are you still mad at me? I hope not or else I’d really feel blue. I’m answering a letter from you just recently received and this one is similar to the one previously received. In short, you ask “What’s wrong? Why the delay in writing? etc.” I think I explained this before in my letter which you probably have by now. Nothing is wrong for I still think an awful lot of you and I cannot wait until you come home. It’s just that the peace news had me too excited to write or do anything hardly! Prior to that, during the battle for Okinawa I was a nervous wreck, listening to the radio, reading all the papers. I thought the battle would never end. Being in a battle is tough, but you’d be surprised how hard it is on the homefront, especially when there are dear ones engaged in the battle. You’ll think I’m a sissy but I’m sure there were many more like me...

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