Saidee R. Leach

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World War ll;Correspondence;Work;Camaraderie of War Wives;Censor's Marks;Letting Hair Down;Readjustment;Weather;Aviation;Mail as a morale builder


Dear Douglas:

I never saw better timing—here we were, gathered around the Christmas tree (as much as three people can gather!) Chip biting furiously at his new squeaking mouse which we had had to give him very early in the game in order to get any peace, Bing with his catnip mouse clutched in his two front paws and rubbing his chin over it, when the front door bell rings and there is the expressman with the crate of oranges! What a surprise that was and how we will enjoy the fruit for many days to come and others with us. Even although [sic] we had had breakfast, we all had to have one, then Marilyn Eaton came over and sampled them and we gave some to the Grays and Mrs. Webber the next day. Thanks a lot, it was a very thoughtful present and one to bring pleasure and thoughts of the donor for many a breakfast and in between snack...

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