Robert E. Wyatt


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29 December 1942

Sgt. Robert E. Wyatt

Dear Friends:

I was very much pleased and surprised to receive the College paper “On the Campus” and also the Alumni Bulletin.

It has given me a chance to see what all my old friends back at Bryant are doing these days. I know one think [sic], you at Bryant haven’t forgotten the boys in the service. If you had you wouldn’t have sent the paper or the bulletin to me.

It was just a little over a year ago that I left Bryant to join the Marines, and I’m not at all sorry I did. I have had the good fortune to have gotten in the Pay Office of one of the Regiments. This is just the type of work I wanted to get into. It is very interesting work and it is in the Pay Office where I have earned my different ranks, just making Sergeant a few days ago.

It is interesting to see where the fellows are stationed over the world. Roger Gaioni, Arthur Bowler, Earnest Jordan, Alfred Rockwood, Varad Varadian, and the rest of them. I know them all. But other than knowing where these men are it does me good to know what the Bryant Service Club is doing for these fellows, besides doing things for defense. Keep up the good work and best of luck for what you are doing.

Remember me to all of the members of the faculty. Bryant will be at a loss if such teachers as Mr. Lee, Mr. Mercier, Mr. Shore and the others are taken through the “draft”. To them I send my best wishes.

With that I must bring this letter to a close and get back to work. Best wishes again to you all and may 1943 be the best year ever had at Bryant.

Always a friend,

Sgt. Robert E. Wyatt
U. S. M. C. R. [Transcription ends]