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Stf. Sgt. Robert E. Wyatt


April 27, 1943

My dear Friends:

I received your thoughtful Christmas present a few days ago and was not only surprised but was very much pleased with the sweater. Tell me, how did you know my size? It arrived in good condition even if it was a little late.

Since I last wrote my address has been changed.

It now is:

Stf Sgt. Robert E. Wyatt
Office of the Division Paymaster
First Marine Division, F. M. F.
c/o Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, Calif.

I like my new place very much. At last I’m doing the type of work I’ve been longing to do ever since I’ve been in the pay office, that is, auditing of payrolls.

Would someone on the correspondence committee please write me and tell me what some of the other boys in the service, who were former Bryant Graduates, are now doing? I’m mostly interested in William McCaughey, Donald Seaton, Roger Gaioni, and Clarence Scott.

Say hello to the faculty for me and tell them that I’ll drop in and see them some one of these days. Has Uncle Sam’s Army caught up to Mr. Lambert, Mr. Naylor, Mr. Lee, Mr. Gulski, or any of the other faculty members yet? Remember me to them all.

Thanking you again for the very nice sweater I remain,

A loyal friend,
Stf Sgt. Robert E. Wyatt
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