Scholarly journal publications written and edited by Biological and Biomedical Sciences Department faculty. In May 2022, Bryant University established the School of Health and Behavioral Sciences with two departments. The Biological and Biomedical Sciences Department had previously been the Science and Technology Department in the College of Arts and Sciences. For entries prior to May 2022, please click on the following link: Science and Technology Department Faculty Journal Articles.


Submissions from 2023


Is Name Popularity a Good Test of Historicity? A Statistical Evaluation of Richard Bauckham’s Onomastic Argument, Kamil Gregor and Brian S. Blais


First Asian Fossil Record of Platydictya (Amblystegiaceae) from the Lower Miocene and its Paleoenvironmental Significance, Liyan Guo, Liang Xiao, Ya Li, Xiangchuan Li, Qin Leng, Nan Sun, Junfeng Guo, Chaofeng Fu, and Deshuang Ji


Getting an A with the 3Cs: Chromosome Conformation Capture for Undergraduates, Acadia Joniec, Joseph Leszczynski, Sokhna Ndoye, Jillian Sylvia, and Steven Weicksel


Warm Land Surface Temperatures and Eastern Asian Homo, Robert Patalano and Hong Yang