WWII;Robert G. Bergman

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382nd Bombardment Grp. (VH)
464th Bombardment Sqdn.
Salina, Kansas
10 April, 1945—2100

Dear Friends

I recently returned from a furlough at home, and were it not for the fact that it was necessary for me to work a bit while there, I would have liked very much to have been able to visit Bryant again. It seems years since I have seen the place and I’m very grateful & thankful to the service club for keeping me in touch with the news by means of the bulletins I’ve received. Although I always enjoy the gifts, such as the Easter package, I must admit that I look forward much more to the letters which carry the news of the former members of the school who are now in service & with whom I was at Bryant.

I know that all the fellows & gals in service look forward as much as I to receiving news from you.

My hellos to all my friends of Bryant, both past & present. I hope that we may soon all be able to regather on the grounds of Bryant for a real get together soon, & I know it will be some time that we’ll have too!

Sgt. Bob Bergman

P.S. Is the “Yacht Club” still doing business?
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