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April 12, 1944

Dear Bryant Service Club:

I had the pleasure of receiving your Easter package today, for which I am indeed grateful. It has been a long time since I’ve received a bulletin of information about the school, both past and present and I look forward to them as well as the quaint innuendos which accompany your packages.

In the latest I received a woolen snood or what-ever-it-may-be-called which is real swell for some of the weather around these parts. However, the package was slightly the worse for wear and the card mentioned camels so I’m returning the stamped postal slip as well as the insurance stamp in order that you may put in a claim for whatever else may have been in there.

At the present time time [sic] I am fairly advanced in the Radio Mechanics course. I am learning about radio equipment used for transmitting and for receiving. Before completion of the course I shall also have had a few weeks of learning aircraft radio equipment.

I have met a school chum of mine from Bryant who is also on this post. His name is Leonard Levin, Pvt and he is in the 620th T.S.S. at this field. I believe he graduated in ’42. It was swell seeing a buddy from my own alma mater.

Thanks again for the package and I shall be looking forward to your next bulletin.

Bob Bergman

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