The following art works have been donated by Gladys Kinoian Lujan '56.


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40" x 30", Oil on carved Haitian wood frame


Bryant Alum Gladys Kinoian Lujan ‘56 lived in Haiti from 1966 to 1969, where she amassed a collection of over 80 pieces. The painting name shown here is one given by donor Gladys Kinoian Lujan '56. Commenting that the painting was aptly named as it “depicted what life in Haiti was like for so many people who yearned to be free” from François “Papa Doc” Duvalier.

Gladys had a chance to meet the artist Jacques-Enguerrand Gourgue while in Haiti. She recalls to herself that she did get to know him as well as other artists at Issa el Saieh’s gallery. Often on her way home from work she would stop here to have coffee, and visit with artists

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Papa Doc and the Ship of Lost Souls - detail


Jacques-Enguerrand Gourgue