World War II;Bertram F. Bullock, Jr.

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Pvt. B. F. Bullock, U.S. Army
379 Base Hq. & Air Base Sq.
Miami Beach, Florida
July 27, 1942

Chairman, The Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Chairman:

Many thanks for your generous gift of cigarettes. They sure are a present that a fellow in the Service appreciates.

I think that the idea of the Service Club is swell, but realize that it means a lot of work and time on the part of the members of Bryant College.

I have become a permanent party member of a new squadron being formed here at Miami Beach and expect to remain here indefinitely now. All members of the squadron work at Headquarters. At present I am in the Filing Department.

Glad to hear that the sale of War Bonds and Stamps is going over so big at Bryant. Keep up the good work.

Well, thanks again for the cigarettes.

Yours for Victory,
Bertram F. Bullock

P.S. Please not the change of address.
[Transcription ends]