WWII;Bertram F. Bullock, Jr.

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T/Sgt. Bertram F. Bullock
379 Base Hq. & A. B. Sq.
Miami Beach, Florida

January 28, 1944

Dear Bryant Service Club Members:

It has been a long time since I've written to you folks up there at Bryant College but you aren't forgotten...not by a longshot. How could any of the alumni forget you when you are so darned good to us. Honestly we do appreciate the letters and presents you send us more than you folks probably realize.

I've been stationed down here in Miami Beach ever since I came into the service in June 1940, and realize how fortunate I've been. I never dreamed that I'd be staying in Florida in the best hotels for such a long time and at no expense to myself. It is really like a paid vacation. However, I know that there are lots of boys and girls who are not as fortunate and I'm hoping that I'll be over there with them soon. But to tell the truth I'd like to wait until Spring.... I was up in Rhode Island in November and nearly froze...guess I'm a sissy and can't take it anymore.

On our days off we go down to the beach and swim and sunbathe. It is really wonderful. Of course there are days when we wish that we were out there but have our work and other duties to perform. Then we growl and grumble but that is just part of army life. You know I just love to write to folks up North and tell them how beautiful it is down here and try to make them envious.... I aught [sic] to be working for the Chamber of Commerce, don't you think?

I have a good job here at the base Headquarters...chief clerk in the File Department. I have six enlisted men, two WACs, and six civilians working under me. The work is very interesting and I have a swell bunch of people to work with so all in all I think I am doing pretty well.

There are loads of opportunities for recreation in your off hours...shows, bowling, night-clubs, swimming, fishing, horseracing, dog racing, bike riding, etc., and you can be certain that all the facilities are well patronized. At this time of year there are as many vacationists as there are service men but during the summer months the facilities are mostly used by men and women in uniform.

Well, I'll sign off for this time and hope to hear from you folks again real soon. Please pardon the red typing but the upper half of the ribbon is all shot and I'm too lazy to change it tonight.

Bert Bullock
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