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April 13, 1944

Dear Bryant Service Club Members-

I’ve already written you that the cigarettes arrived o.k. but want to thank you now for the letter. It arrived a few days ago along with about twenty other letters, and believe me they were a welcome sight. You see, I’ve been laid up at the hospital for a few days and my mail has been held up somewhere and when you are in the habit of receiving it daily, you miss it when it is delayed.

I don’t know if the “Battle of Miami Beach” is too much for me or whether I just don’t live right, but here I am a t the Miami Biltmore in Coral Gables. It has been purchased by Uncle Sam and now used as a hospital for Air Corps men- and what a lay-out! I’m having a wonderful time and don’t care whether I get back to duty or not. We have a theatre, 18 hole golf course, three swimming pools, PX, etc. It’s actually a city in itself. Reminds one of Grand Central Station.

Thanks to the Red Cross there is never a dull moment around here- always something doing- movies, show, [?] parties, hot dog roasts, all kinds of games and sports, dancing, etc. The Red Cross is really doing a marvelous job for the boys.

Will [?] of what I’ve already said there isn’t much more around a hospital so I’ll close now with very best wishes to you all.

Bert Bullock

T/Sgt. Bertram F. Bullock 31120014
379 Base Hq. + A. B. Sq.
Miami Beach, Florida

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