Submissions from 2021


The Resampled Data in Imbalanced Classification, Matthew Bonas, Son Nguyen, Alan Olinsky, John T. Quinn, and Phyllis Schumacher

Submissions from 2019

Detecting Non-injured Passengers and Drivers in Car Accidents: A New Under-resampling Method for Imbalanced Classification, Son Nguyen, Gao Niu, John Thomas Quinn, Alan Olinsky, Jonathan Ormsbee, Richard M. Smith, and James Bishop

Submissions from 2018

Movie Analytics and the Future of Film Finance. Are Oscars and Box Office Revenue Predictable?, Christophe Bruneel, Jean-Louis Guy, Dominique Haughton, Nicolas Lemercier, Mark-David Laughlin, Kevin Mentzer, Quentin Vialle, and Chang Zhang

Visualization of Predictive Modeling for Big Data Using Various Approaches When There Are Rare Events at Differing Levels, Alan Olinsky, John Thomas Quinn, and Phyllis A. Schumacher

Issues and Methods for Access, Storage, and Analysis of Data From Online Social Communities, Christopher John Quinn, Matthew James Quinn, Alan Olinsky, and John Thomas Quinn

Submissions from 2017

An Oversampling Technique for Classifying Imbalanced Datasets, Son Nguyen, John Quinn, and Alan Olinsky

Submissions from 2015

Management Information Systems, Kenneth J. Sousa and Effy Oz