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Dearest Judson,

My darling, I love you so. It seems years since we were together & it’s only been a day. Time drags so when we’re not together but the minute we’re together it certainly flies.

Got your letter this morning, honey and it was so sweet. You write such wonderful letters. They say what I’m thinking but can’t seem to write to you. There just doesn’t seem to be any way for me to tell you how very much I love you, honey. It will be wonderful after the war when we won’t have to watch clocks, or be separated by an Army.

Golly, darling, I sure hated to see you leave Sunday. I’ve never seen a weekend go so fast. Honey, I wonder if we’re the only ones who are always falling in love all over again. Honestly, every weekend I fall in love all over again and so much more. Yes, hon, this weekend was something different. It was all so sudden too.

March seems centuries away—Golly, everyone keeps saying it’s not far & that it will be here before I know it but it certainly doesn’t seem that way to me.

Did Steve have a nice time this weekend, hon? He & Woody seem to have caught what we have. Golly, that sure happened fast, too. Whenever I think of all the times I’ve said how foolish all these girls were who married in war times & they didn’t know what they were doing—oh, well—It seems so different when it happens to you.

Gee, I love you. All day long I just lie here & think about how much I love you, honey. Mrs. Riley (Bill’s mother) wrote me a very nice letter congratulating me on our engagement. It came with your letter—You’re so sweet, honey. I don’t know how I ever got along before without you.

Does Steve know whether he’s going home for Christmas or not? Woody is going to Cleveland to play Santa Claus; that should be something. Honey, I don’t feel right about going to Nanny’s house for Christmas. I mean about leaving Mother & Daddy. It will be the first Christmas that I’ve ever been away from home. Besides, it’s the last Christmas that I’ll be unmarried—(Thank heavens!) but I’d be miserable all day away from you, honey. I’d hate to hurt Mother—Oh, golly, problems—I love you, honey.

Put your mind at ease, honey, about my ankle. I won’t walk on it until it’s completely well. I just didn’t want to stay home all weekend but I have sense enough to know what to do about my ankle.

Honey, I’ll write more later—I love you.

Darling time just flew today and it’s almost ten o’clock now. I’m sorry that I didn’t get much of a chance to write you, honey. I had planned to write you a real long letter today but golly, honey, I don’t know where today went. I hope that the rest of the week goes this fast darling. Honey, if we go home on the train, that will mean that we won’t have the car won’t it? What are we going to do this weekend, hon? We should do something real exciting to make up for last weekend & not being able to do anything (I mean go out any place). We did quite a bit.

Darling every minute I’m away from you seems years. Gee, I miss you so darling—I sure hope this darned ankle is better. I’d like to go to work Thursday but it’s still awfully sore & swollen. I’m so tired of soaking it & keeping ice on it. It will be neat to walk around again. Of course it was nice to have you carry me around. That was the only consolation.

Honey, I love you so—You’re the sweetest most wonderful person in the world.

Please try to write some long letters, honey because it’s awful lonesome lying in bed. Gee, I love you—It’s swell to hear from you—You write such nice letters.

Gee, it was a beautiful day again. How much flying did you get in today & yesterday? Say hello to Steve for me. I want to answer that letter he wrote but somehow can’t get around to it.

Well, honey, please write as long & as often as you can. I love you so. You’re wonderful to be in love with, too.

What do you want for Christmas? Please tell me some things because if I go to work this week & get paid (about seven dollars) I’ll go & look at things anyway.

I love you so, honey.

All my love,
[Transcription ends]