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Dearest Dottie,

Gosh I miss you, honey; as usual, twice as much as last week.

It’s funny darling, but every time I go up in a plane it’s a thrill. Even if I had about a thousand hours it would be the same, I’d love it all the more.

And that’s the way with you darling; every time I see you, every time I kiss you, I love you all the more. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love you, my darling. There’s only one trouble, I see too much of flying, and not enough of you.

It’s snowing like hell up here now, it looks like it’s going to stick, too. I hope we have a white Christmas. I can’t remember one Christmas on which it’s been snowing on which (man—what grammar)

I flew this afternoon for an hour and forty minutes, that leaves me just forty-five minutes to go, I ought to finish that tomorrow, if the snow’s not too bad.

We’ve got our C. O. working on the delay en route now. He’s royally P. O.’d about the deal we’ve been getting, ‘cause Cochran Field got delays, so maybe he’ll get results. He should, he’s a Colonel. If we can get it, that will give me about seven days. You know hon, we’ve only had one whole day together, and that was spent rushing around New York. If I get a lot of time, I’d like to go horseback riding sometime, or would it be too cold? With Ace home, I guess a horse is all I could have to get around on. That will rally cramp my style. I wonder if they have any two seaters, with a heater and a radio, huh?

Honey, are you going to wait until after Christmas to get a job? I wish you would because if I do get some time off you wouldn’t have to work, and also I think you should take it easy, and log some sack time (solo!) for a couple of days, after I leave. And hon, go to the doctor’s this week, please. There’s nothing wrong with you of course darling, but a check-up now and then never hurts.

You’re very sweet darling, I love you. I love you in a way that I can never describe. Like I love anything beautiful, anything sweet. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted, Dottie. I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I love you—

All my Love

P. S.—I gave Ruth the $2.00.—I love you.
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