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W. Judson Clark
Sqdrn 5 Class 45-A
Cadet Det. Stewart Field
Newburgh, N. Y.

Miss Dorothy Six
8 Brookside Ave.
Pelham, 65
New York

[Transcription begins]:


Dearest Dottie,

What a mad day this has been. I flew two hours this morning, then went to ground school. Then in the afternoon, more ground school, P. T., armed session with the link trainer, a bite to eat then the toughest two hours I ever spent in the air. Tonight from six ‘til eight I was flying dual instruments with my instructor. It’s O. K. with me to fly instruments, but when you’re doing it to save your neck it’s something different. About seven we were cruising around up near Albany when it started to snow, and I mean snow! I could hardly see the wingtips, just a red & green blur where the lights were. So about that time my jolly companion decides it’s time to go home, so we got on the beam and started, along with everything else. The damned ship began to ice up, the carburator [sic] included, the lights in my cockpit went out, and precipitation static (caused by the friction of the snow on the plane) blanked out the radio. And to make it worse, I had to go so bad my back teeth were floating. My God what a trip. But we made it.

I’ve got 22 hours and five minutes of the extra thirty now, and if we keep flying like we have been, I’ll be through around Tuesday, and maybe they’ll let us off early for Christmas.

I’ll probably fly again tomorrow night since I need some more instrument time. I’m sure of flying all day Saturday, we’re going to try to run off that Cross Country if the weather’s good. And if it isn’t, I’ll fly Sunday. If I do I’ll call you, as you know darling. (Can you read my writing? I can’t)

O. K. hon, you don’t have to wear your hair up, but sometime I want to see you with it up. I know I’d like it that way, but I guess I’d like it any way you wore it. I love you darling.

I got a letter from Don today. He wished us both a lot of happiness, and sent his best to you, honey. He’s in North Carolina now, also he’s a P. F. C. He expects to go overseas in about three or four weeks. He’s leaving from the West Coast, so that means the Pacific I guess. It’s too bad he couldn’t have gotten home for Christmas. He was quite surprised to hear about us, naturally. I think he’s always liked you hon, but how could he help it.

Say hon, when you write Bob again, say hello to him for me. I’m looking forward to seeing him around Christmas.

Steve seems to think a lot (please excuse this letter, hon, what a mess!) of Woody. I don’t know whether he’s madly in love with her, I don’t know him well enough, but he talks about her a lot, and wants to see her this weekend, that should prove something.

It’s pretty nice to be in love with you too darling, except when I’m trying to concentrate on anything except you, or when I’m trying to write to you, it’s hard not to tell you every other line how wonderful, sweet, and lovely you are, or how much I love you, my darling.

Well, angel, I’ve got to stop writing now, and be content with just thinking about you, (for a change).

I love you, darling, I’ll always love you with all my heart. I miss you terribly and think of you always. I love you—

[Transcription ends]