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My Darling,

Just got back from Eglin Field. It was quite interesting they’ve got alot [sic] of stuff over there.

We had a mail call while we were there, an AT-7 flew down from Craig with a load.

I’m sending you a letter we got from your mother. Tell her hello for me, and send her my love, she’s very sweet.

I also got a letter from you written Thursday night. It didn’t sound like you honey, it was very disgusted and very bitter and I’m sorry. But darling it can’t be helped. The Army is running our lives and there’s nothing we can do about it. Keep that beautiful chin of yours up baby, don’t let it get you down, it’s much harder that way.

Darling I’m making this promise to you that every minute, every second that we can be together we will be. We can’t afford to spend a second of our time thinking about the past of the future. What’s important is that we will have that time and we’ve got to pack into it a lifetime of laughs, of wonderful moments, and maybe a few sorrows. And if you think I’m going to live on the post you’re nuts, and if the Army thins so its nuts too. You bet I’m going to live with you darling, the Army or anyone isn’t strong enough to stop me.

Honey we really have no right to complain, we’re really very lucky, there are many other couples who haven’t had the happiness that we are going to, and will never be able to. Darling we should thank God that we will have all those wonderful months together.

We have had some tough weeks but we can’t be bitter about it. If we let that happen we’ll start blaming each other, and that’s the quickest way of breaking up a marriage. I can’t help what the Army does with me darling, from the job they’re doing over there I guess they know what they’re doing. All fighter pilots have to go through this and I’m glad to be getting it over with. It would be even tougher later wouldn’t it darling?

So keep smilin’ baby, and I’ll see you Saturday. Yes, Saturday, I was going to surprise you but I guess you need some cheering up (conceited ain’t I?). If you feel a tenth as bad as I do darling, you sure must. It’s so damned lonesome around here anyway and being separated from you makes it so God damned much worse.

Please darling tell me that you’re happy, because when you aren’t, I’m not. Remember honey, the most important thing in the world to me is you. I love you darling, I feel I should make some attempt to tell you how much, but I can’t. It’s as hard to grasp and as large as the infinity of the universe angel, and even Einstein can’t explain that, so how could I ever begin to. All I can tell you is I love you, I love you, again and again, and if I kept on from now ‘til doom’s day, and every “I love you” was materially a part of my love for you, I’d not have enough time darling.

The time will pass honey. It will be the longest week of my life, but believe it or not science has proved that time waits for no one. I guess we’ve come the closest to disproving it though. Just think of the time we’ll have together, - it helps. And I will be able to live off the Post darling. It’s not exactly legal but what the Army doesn’t know won’t hurt it.

I love you angel, I love you with all my heart. You have all my love all my life, my darling wife, and until Saturday honey, I remain, as always,

Your devoted husband


P.S. – It’s the moments apart that make the moments together so much more enjoyable.

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