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My Darling,

Hello honey, your husband has a beautiful hangover this morning. Last night was beer night, so J.R. (one of my roommates) brought out a bottle of Schenley’s and we had something to chase the beer with. Oh, my head. Right now I’m recuperating with a Rye + Coke. I’m getting better, I can begin to make out objects in the room again.

We’ve got to go to the main field this afternoon. They’re going to show us around the place. There’s alot [sic] of secret and new stuff over there that they test in the proving ground. This whole section is the Army Air Forces Proving Ground. It contains about a million acres and it’s nothing but wilderness.

Remember in “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” how sharp they made this place look. He was over at #4 Field South of us. His wife no doubt must have lived in a tent. That place where she stayed and could hear them starting their engines in the morning must have been one of Hollywood’s pipe dreams. I flew yesterday afternoon and made quite a score. Yeah- total: - one target! I was overleading [sic] it so much that I hit the cable and the target wrapped itself very lovingly around my ship. For a while a wash on instruments but I finally managed to shake it off a couple of more minutes though and I’d of been ready to hit the silk. I now have one sleeve to my credit confirmed! I’ll be an ace yet, by gosh. Honey if you were ever going to have a baby I’d want to be the first to know. Promise me that you’ll tell me right away if you ever do become “fragrant”. Of course I’d be very happy and very proud darling. But it would mean that we’d have to be separated. And another thing, I want to grow up with my son (of course it will have to be a boy) and I want to give him the best and God knows I couldn’t if I was across the world away from him. And then there’s you to think of, and we should think of that first darling. What the devil would you do with a baby while I’m overseas? No honey, “he’s” strictly a postwar plan. You’ve made me very proud to want my child darling and I love you all the more for it. It’s funny honey, but I seem to love you more with everything you do, or say, or want. Oh honey, I miss you so much. I love the way you sleep in my pajama tops, you’re so sweet darling. God, will this time ever pass? All I want to do is be with you, to be able to push your hair away from your ear and whisper I love you. And darling I do love you, so much. You’re my whole life and existence baby. I can never tell you how sublimely happy you have made me by becoming my wife. My wife- gosh that sounds wonderful. Maybe it’s because we haven’t been together, but I still can’t realize it. “Little Dottie Six” gosh.

I hope we can get a car honey, but they’re terribly expensive down here. A ’38 ford convertible sells for $850 down here, so I’m afraid we’re going to have to wait awhile angel.

I wish it was two weeks ago today hon, and we could skip the days from the 14th on. Gosh two weeks. Happy Anniversary Mrs. Clark, I hope we’ll be together on our third. We’re getting to be an old married couple- apart. O well c’est la querre. Wait a minute, I don’t know what it means honest. I copied it, ah-er- French isn’t it? I wouldn’t know. Please destroy this immediately it might fall into the wrong hands. I must be more careful what I say. Remember a wife can’t testify against her husband. Whew, that was close!

Well honey, D.A. + Tom say hello. Tom is with me, we room together, sweet isn’t it?

I can’t find anything to send the pictures in, so I guess I’d better keep them. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them. They’re really wonderful, some of the best ones of you I’ve seen. I hope you like them darling.

Well baby, I gotta go and when you……

So angel again I say I love you, I love you, I love you. I wish I could hold you in my arms right now and kiss you- just once, that’s all I’d need to last one through this week (it says here).

I know I’ll have a very boring time this afternoon so I’ll be thinking of you, as I always do. I

I send you, with all my heart, all my love


Your living husband


P.S. - I love you.

P.P.S. - I’ll always love you.

P.P.P.S. - Always

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