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My darling husband-

So my darling husband had a hangover, huh? Fine thing you should be completely miserable all the time you’re away from me instead of having a good time with a bottle.

Golly, darling, I’ve been so darned tired for the past two days. I’m so restless at night. This bed is just too big for one person. Sure wish that you would hurry home, honey- know what- I sorta miss ya.

What a crazy letter that was from mother. That trip home must have been wacky. Poor Hilda- she must still be sore if that was an upper she fell out of. She turned out to be quite a heroine when the cockroaches were attaching mom though. That must have been some hotel. Let’s find out the mane + be sure never to stay there. Ah, yes, good old Atlanta- home of roaches, bedbugs + “other” insects.

Well, honey, you’ve been such a good boy about answering my questions. Remind me to give you one big kiss- hah- that’s a laugh. Imagine anyone needing to remind me- that I’d like to see.

Well, the last two days have been beautiful- But I haven’t’ been outside much. Been buried in Alice’s house helping her pack.

Glad you found all those cards, honey. It’s nice to get them a few weeks later. We’ll have to get a wedding book. And I love you so.

Gee, darling, it won’t be so long now. I’d have murdered you if you’d surprised me by coming home Saturday instead of Sunday. My hair probably would have been dirty + everything. I’d rather be half way decent looking for the first time were together.

How do you feel about going to the dance Saturday night? I suppose you’d rather not but would you? I’m so darned tired of doing nothing every night. If you’d rather stay home, darling whatever you say is all right. Someone told their wife they’d be home around 10:30 – Don’t know whether that’s morning or nigh. Night I imagine. It would be too nice if it were morning.

I missed the bus tonight, honey, so I walked home. Got in about quarter of six- was afraid that you might call early. Mrs. M said someone had called but the operator didn’t say whether it was long distance or not. I’m dying of curiosity. Hope it wasn’t you. You usually never call before seven.

The telephone sure is a wonderful invention. Golly, darling, it’s so wonderful to talk to you. That’s all that’s kept me from going crazy.

Gee, honey, it’s awful waiting for you to call. Time goes so slowly. Saturday will just drag terrible. Tomorrow around three, I’ll go to the show, I guess. That will make that day go quicker. Then there’s just Thursday and Friday and then Saturday- Ah, Saturday. That’s one day I’ll sure be glad to see.

Gee, darling, I’ll be so glad to see you again. It seems so long since you left. Whoever thought that all days are the same length never knew our days. Golly, when we’re together they just fly but now that we’re apart each one takes forever. Science or no science they just aren’t all the same length. And since when did you get so scientific anyway?

Say now, you’re starting in already. Before we were married I told you I couldn’t cook + you assured me that was fine that we’d never be eating home anyway and that you didn’t care at all. Now you’re starting to change your mind- already. That’s some bargain! I cook you one meal if you don’t like it, you’ll tell me but if you do, I’m sunk. You certainly make one sided bargain- what kind of a bargain is that? No, honey, there’s no place where I can cook you a mean. Mrs. Moseley lets me use the ice box to keep some things in but that’s as far as it goes.

All you can see on the bed are your letters- what a mess! Trying to get them in order to answer all your questions.

Well, honey, you certainly haven’t had much of a chance to find out what kind of a wife I am but next time you start complaining about me cooking or not cooking I’ll remind you.

You certainly are a wonderful husband but its certainly been a long time since I told you in person.

I’d feel much better about the who [sic] thing if you were here. But, no kiddin’ honey. I’m really glad that we’re married. I wouldn’t have it any other way for anything in the world- of course I could think of one improvement on our situation- like you being here with me.

But, honey, you shouldn’t take it so seriously when I gripe about us. I don’t really mean it exactly. It really hasn’t gotten me down or anything because I can still see the funny side of it, thank heavens. It really is a riot, honey. And when we’re older we’ll probably die laughing. Of course now it isn’t quite that humorous but whenever I stop + think about it, it really is funny. What a honeymoon. It certainly is different! Nothing we do turns out ordinary.

Well, darling, when I’m away from you its just as though I weren’t really living. Everything that’s fun could be so much more so if you were here. But it won’t be much longer.

Don’t know what you’re going to do. I’m starting to get my mail here + you won’t be able to read it first- poor boy. Maybe if you’re real good I’ll let you read some of the letters. If you’re real real good that is.

Oh, last night we went to see “Royal Scandal” + it was a riot. The funniest picture I’ve seen in a long time. Golly, some of the cracks- what’s happening to the Play’s Office? Oh, that reminds me- “Tonight and Every Night” is coming. I’ll have to see that. From what you’ve said it’s pretty good.

Gee, honey, I’m almost as anxious to see our wedding pictures as I am to see you. Hope they’re good but I probably won’t think so. When do we get the color pictures?

Most of the people I met have been shipped out now. They sure went fast. And they still have the pool here. If I only knew you’d be here a while I’d get an apartment but that’s kinda silly.

And I don’t like the way you refer to our room as a flat. It’s a very nice room in a very nice house. And there are loads of people living in worse ones.

Well, honey, we’re alone in our room. Mr. + Mrs. Moseley never bother us. I mean me. Their room is in the back of the house + they’re usually there or in the kitchen. Our room will be in the front of this house. This isn’t a rooming house. They just rent one room here because of the housing shortage to officer’s wives or cadet wives.

Most of the people I met we won’t be able to go out with. The ones who are left because the instructors can’t go out with their students even if they’re officers. That’s the silliest rule. The Army’s crazy.

Cliff, one time, was a P-40 Instructor + some West Point 2nd Lt. were cleaning the floor. He got mad + had some Sgt’s do it + they kicked him out of P-40 instructing. Isn’t that mean. By the way how is your hangover? Gone or reoccurring?

Yea- “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” sure made Eglin a nice place. Last night in the movies they had some Florida bathing beauties- Ahew!

Well, honey, your gunnery must be great. You must have looked mighty silly with one of the targets wrapped around your plane.

If you want me to tell you if we’re going to have a baby right away, honey I will- why would it mean that we’d have to be separated? You’re crazy. There are four girls on this block that are having babies + they’re with their husbands. Are you kidding, honey. What would I do with a baby while you were overseas. Dopey what do you think I’d do with one? It would keep me from being quite as lonesome. Lord honey, that’s one reason I’d want one. All the wives who have babies are so thankful because when their husbands go over they have the babies. Especially when anything happens to the husband. Not that anything will ever happen to you.

But really, darling, oh, we can talk about that when you get home.

You reminded me, I’d better wash your pajama tops so they’ll be clean when you get home. I’ll do that Saturday morning. Wonder what time you’ll be home.

Won’t that phone ever ring. Golly, it hasn’t been too bad writing this time because I had so many letters to answer from you. I haven’t been writing too much this week. Just got one of those can’t write days- but today I feel like it again as you’ve noticed.

Got a letter from Gilly + Woody- they’re both fine + send their love.

Gee, honey, you don’t know how much you mean to me. You’re my whole life and I just live to be with you. Honestly, honey, you’re just everything I live for. Golly, darling, I just don’t know what I’d ever do without you. I love you so, darling. I wish you were here so I could tell you + hold you close and whisper in your ear + run my hands through your hair (when you haven’t got that horrible greasy hair tonic in it) + just sit and look at you + kiss you. Ah, heaven.

Gee, darling, I do love you so much. More than I’d ever have believed possible. Golly, honey, being your wife is just wonderful. The nicest thing that ever happened to me. You’re such a wonderful husband even from a distance.

This war- what a difference it has made on our lives. If it wasn’t for the war, though, we’d probably not be married now. Lord, what an awful thought. I can’t realize it either, honey- my husband. Maybe after we’re an old married couple of a month or so it won’t seem more real. We’ll have been together 10 ½ days (I hope by the time we’ve been married a month. I’ll bet that’s a record of some kind. What do you think?

Honey, do you think that cars are as expensive at home? We could buy one + have so much taken out a month to pay for it. But maybe when we get home we’ll be able to get one. Maybe we can catch some kid who’s going in the Army or something.

Well you just called. You certainly sounded happy. Especially at the end of our conversation. Boy, you sounded just as cheerful as well- skip it.

It sure was good to hear you again, though. But it makes me mad when you complain about my not writing. After all, Judd- I always write real long letters + if I don’t write there’s usually a darned good reason. I was so discusted [sic] yesterday that I couldn’t. There was another reason but I’ll be darned if I’ll explain. You simply say you’re busy + that ends it but you get sore at me.

Oh, honey, I love you so much and it’s so awful not being with you. I guess it’s beginning to really get on my nerves.

Gee, darling, I realize that you want to get over but don’t you realize that you’re married now + that I have some interest in the matter. It’s all right for you to want to get over but remember when you get over you’re going to be there for a good long time + don’t forget it. It’s awfully easy to get there but getting back isn’t. You know, honey, you’re married now + you’ve got responsibilities + oh, well, there’s no use going into that. But of course I admire you for wanting to get over. It’s going to be soon enough, Judd- too soon. That’s one reason why I want a baby. When you’re gone he’ll be with me.

What did Tom + D.A. think of Bettie Jo + Julie? Say hello to them both for me. We’ll all have to do something together when they get back.

I hate to talk to people over the phone- in a way. You never know how they mean anything. By the way- you didn’t even tell me that you loved me.

I’m going down to see Alice + Cliff. Be back and write then.

Well just got back. They’re leaving tomorrow. That’s one thing about the Army. You just get to know people + then either they leave or you leave.

Don’t exactly feel much like writing after that gay chat we had.

Well, Judd, I’ll write again tomorrow. Hope that you get home on Saturday early. I’ll take this out to the Post. You’ll get it quicker + I have to buy some stuff there anyway.

I love you, darling + miss you so much.

Your lonesome wife-


[Translation ends]