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My Darling husband,

Well, honey, tomorrow will make only a week more to wait for you. The time sure has gone slowly and next week will probably be the worst.

Have you gotten our wedding pictures yet? They should be ready by now. I’m going to try to call the place but haven’t any idea what their name was. Went to see if you got them at the Post yesterday but they said your mail had been sent to Eglin. It’s about time- you should get quite a few letters from me, honey because I’ve written every day except one + one day I mailed Sunday’s letter with Mondays but I hope you get them soon.

Have you heard from Steve? Wonder how he is + where he is. You said he made Lt., didn’t you? Don’t suppose he went to see Woody.

Honey, there’s a regulation that says unless officer’s are on duty 24 hours a day they can’t be confined to the Post. That would mean that you can live off the post as long as you’re back on the line when you’re supposed to be.

A girl that I was out with yesterday who’s [sic] husband has been in three or two years, said her husband was living off the Post + he’s going through his P-40 transition too. He also said she could go to Eglin with him since they had a car + the only reason the Army said no wives was because of the difficulty in finding someplace to live.

If she goes to Eglin, honey, I’ll be so mad. Don’t see why wives shouldn’t. After all, honey, what difference does it make. Phooey on the Army.

Yesterday Martha (she’s the one who’s married + has a baby- Her husband says she can go to Eglin) + another wife. Don’t know her name. Her husbands a ground officer – PT instructor – and I went to the Post – showed them where to get their passes + everything + then we met the ground officer at the officer’s club. It’s real nice there. Gee, darling, all they heard every two minutes was how much I missed you. They must have gotten mighty sick of it.

Anyway, we had some ice cream. They have real nice ice cream there. And then went home. It helped to make the day go faster anyway. Then Julie, Bettie Jo + Doris + I went to the movies. Saw “A Song to Remember”. Gee, it was marvelous. The music in that was wonderful. You’ll have to play Chopin’s stuff sometime, honey.

It’s been so long since I heard you play, darling. Much too long. Ever since that night at Woody’s. As soon as you come back, please play for me. Mr. + Mrs. Moseley have a piano. Don’t think they’d appreciate it but I certainly would. They’re the quietest people except early in the morning when I’m trying to sleep. Then it’s just about impossible. But when we have the front room we won’t hear anything, and I don’t think they’ll hear us.

Won’t move into the front room until you get back because I’d like to spend the first night there with you. Move the day you come. That won’t be bad from one room to the next but when we have to really move- it’s going to be murder. Can’t send anything express because it never gets there. Has your foot locker come yet. Oh, can you get me one, honey? I’m going to need it.

Did I tell you I sent for my radio. Probably won’t get here until we’re ready to leave but it will be nice and inconvenient to carry with us. We can ship it to our next Post probably if we know where it is.

Gee, honey, I miss you so. It seems so awfully long since that Wednesday morning when you left.

Oh, the latest on the fellows over in the Pacific is they fly at least 100 combat hours + spend a year overseas.

Last night couldn’t get to sleep. Don’t know whether I was thinking too much or what but sure did a lot of thinking. Remind me to tell you about it when you get back. Don’t think I’ll need any reminding though. You probably won’t agree with a few things.

Still like Selma a lot. It’s a nice little town- not much to do but the people are so nice.

Julie has a date tonight- so Bettie Jo + I are going to do something. Bettie Jo is a real sweet girl- like her a lot. She certainly got a dirty deal from a fellow stationed here. Men can be such rats. Really liked her a lot + then after going with her for eight months left Craig. Went to B-29 school. I think it was, and then wrote but now she hasn’t heard a word for a month. It was a month last night.

She doesn’t date many boys. It really isn’t a [sic] nice as it seems for girls who leave near an Army camp. They might have girls back home and that they can’t get serious. It must be awful to go out on dates + know no matter how much you like a boy, it’s no use. Julie is the type who it wouldn’t make any difference to but Bettie Jo isn’t.

How is Tom making it without his glasses? Bettie Jo has been worried about that but we decided they might get broken if we mailed them.

You probably won’t get this letter until after you’re back home, honey. It seems funny writing + knowing you probably won’t get it right away.

Well, darling, I’ve got to get dressed + go to town.

I love you so, honey, and miss you a thousand times more than I ever did before. Well only a week more, honey, and we’ll be together- I love you honey, write more later.


Well, honey, I was a little busy + never did get to finish this letter.

Yesterday morning met Alice while I was waiting for the bus + she drove me to town. Then we went shopping and came home. We ate lunch at her house + fooled around the rest of the day. Had dinner there + stayed until around 11:30 last night. Was too tired when I got home to write any more.

This morning we had breakfast together + then Alice + Cliff went flying. Boy, honey, sure wish you’d get those 750 hours in so you could take me. I’m just dying to go. Then we went to the movies. Saw “Objective Burma”. Golly, it was good. Alice + I aged ten years in that picture. Liked it loads though.

They’re both real nice + lots of fun. They are teasing me about getting married all the time. What a beating I take. They battle all day long- been married nine months.

Oh, darling, today’s our anniversary. Happy Anniversary darling. Christmas- what a married life. I love you so, honey + miss you awfully.

Oh, mother called me today- just about ten minutes ago. It was swell to hear her voice. We talked about ½ hour. We’ll be owning the telephone company if this keeps up.

It was so hard to keep her from asking about you. She asked if you were here + I changed the subject real quick. She said to give you three kisses (Maw, Paw + Granmaw) + a long lick (Rex).

She wants us to stay there when we go home on leave. We got $200 in war bonds from Uncle Guy. Isn’t that wonderful. He wrote a real sweet letter. That was awfully nice of him. Maw’s mailing them + the letter down- It’s great. She’s written me an air mail special + it’s probably on its way to Eglin now.

They mailed the radio yesterday- we should get it just about the time we leave. Do you think we’ll be able to get a car? We have about 18.75 x about 14- that’s let’s see well over $200.

You just called, darling, and it was so good to hear your voice, honey. Lord, I love you so. I’m so glad that you’re coming back on Saturday.

Honey, don’t ever worry about it when I gripe. I never mean it. It was just kidding in that letter. In fact I think it’s a riot. Don’t ever worry. Everyone gripes once in a while and I just felt like it.

It’s thundering now, honey we’ll probably have a real nice storm. Gee, honey, it was so good to hear your voice- I love you so. You have the nicest voice but I’d rather see you when you’re talking.

Boy, honey, we’re really going to be in a sad state when you get back. Lord, it’s been a long time.

I’m dying to see our wedding pictures, honey- I can imagine how good they are. You always look adorable but I take the world’s worst picture. What you think is good I probably won’t like at all. No one ever likes the ones everyone else does. You said some horrid pictures you saw were good + I didn’t think so at all + then some that you said were horrid I thought were real god. Oh, well, Saturday I’ll be able to see them.

Golly, darling, I can hardly wait til Saturday. Gee, it will be wonderful to see you again. Oh, be prepared- I’ve gained a terrific amount of weight since you left. Because I’ve been eating like a little pig. This Southern food sure is fattening.

I love you so much, honey. There’s a dance Saturday night at the officer’s club. Will you be home in time for that or won’t you want to go? We should celebrate, definitely but how is up to you. I’m going to go crazy waiting for you Saturday. I’ll be a wreck. Hope you get home early, honey. The suspense will be awful.

Oh, no remarks about my not writing- and I was only teasing you when I said I’d been having a good time. I have in a way with Alice + Cliff but golly honey, when you’re away its impossible.

Learned how to play Gin Rummy- It’s fun. We should get some cards. Hah- I can just see us playing cards.

Gee, honey I’ll sure be glad to see you again. Won’t be long now six more days. I’m so glad that you’re getting home Saturday.

Oh, honey, I’m debating about whether to take the front bedroom. The bed squeaks! That reminds me, honey, I want to have a long talk with you. It’s real important + one of the reasons for our trouble. In fact the reason- (Don’t get worried, it’s nothing serious) and it’s the solution. You should have read those books I did. The one about an “Ideal marriage or something like that- Well, I’ll tell you about that when you get home.

Oh what a dream I was having last night. Dreamed I was having a baby. Gee, it was queer. Went all through the nice months so plainly- only I had it two months too early + they were mad at me- what a dream.

Well, honey, want to get some sleep now. If you ever get worried about my griping again remember I don’t mean it at all- Just forget it + remember anything I went through for you would only make me happy.

I love you so, Judd darling and until we can be together again I’ll be the lonesomest gal in this old town. I miss you more than you’ll ever know + love you more than I ever believed it was possible to love anyone.

I’m all excited just thinking about your coming home. I’ll be real happy now all week I love you so, my darling.

Be a good little boy + hurry home. I love you. You’ll always have my love, always.

Your devoted wife-


P.S. Golly, I love you honey- You’re so wonderful + such a perfect husband. Wish you were here now, honey. I love you.

[Translation ends]