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Dear Mom:

Just a note to tell you I’m alright. Can’t write a letter tonight, we have a drill ‘till eleven o’clock! Took my AC-20 today. It was alright. Have to run now, will write tomorrow hon. I love you. Goodnight sweetheart.






Dear Mom:

I got through that K.P. yesterday alright, but it was plenty tough. We put in 18 hours. We were so tired we could hardly walk. 0315 came around pretty fast this morning. It was 25° this morning and the first period we went to P.T. and had to strip down to our undershirt in the cold! Boy, did we freeze. The rest of the morning was the same, machine gun drill, judo, etc.

There’s only 8 more days of our basic left, then we start our advanced basic, which consist of 7 periods of classes and 1 or P.T. Pretty soft. We’ll be through our basic by next Saturday.

So Joan Palrymple is supposed to be engaged to Don, that’s a laugh, what bowl is that from? H.P.R.L.H. means “Hurry postman, run like hell.” Haven’t you ever heard that, hon?

I’m glad that you’re sending me a package. I enjoy them an awful lot. Thanks sweetheart. Tonight we have to G.I. the whole barracks for inspection tomorrow. We’re restricted tomorrow afternoon because of an inventory of the alert lists and casuals, and bow #4, latrine 10, has it that there are 200 men missing a.w.o.l. and they want to check on them. We have to stand retreat tomorrow. That was impressive at first, but it soon gets tiresome. I will always say that it’s the prettiest ceremony in the army.

We have to fill out at 1900 tonight for a little extra drill. So I have to run honey, for I’ve got to ear and we also have that G.I. party tonight. Give my love to all. I love you. Good night sweetheart:

Your loving son


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