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Dear Mom:

Hello honey. Well I finally got time to write. I’ve been pretty busy lately. I had to fall out tonight, too, to help sweep the area around our squadron buildings.

The schedule has been changed. I can sleep late now. We arise at 5:45, a half hour more sleep! That means a lot, though. Another bit of news is that I got a G.I. haircut. It’s real short, a regular clipping. My cold is gone but I still have that hack, it’s this day air, I won’t get rid of it ‘til o leave this dump. Boy I can hardly wait to go to college. I’ve got my clothes wrapped and addressed, but I haven’t had a chance to mail them, as I have to walk about 1 ½ miles to the Post office, and my evenings have been busy lately. Tell Nanny not to worry, though. I expect to get them off some time this week.

I discovered that Ace’s barracks is but a matter of feet from mine.


It seems strange to realize that he was right there not long ago. I got a letter from Pat Dalryenple today. Another one to answer, but I love to get them, especially from you, angel. Well that’s all the news, beautiful. I love you, Goodnight Sweetheart. Love to all.


P.S. Send me Mrs. Nisar’s address.

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