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Dearest Mom:

Well it’ll be 6 weeks tomorrow angel. Time is beginning to catch up to me. It seems 6 years that I haven’t seen you. As you know I took my psycho-moto test Friday. It was a lot of fun. It reminded me of the penny arcade. It consisted of a group of six tests the first was finger dexterity. I had to turn square pegs around 180° degrees by lifting them out of their hole and turning them and inserting them in their new position. My score here was pretty good. The next test consisted of a photograph turntable. On the turntable was a spot that I had to follow with a stylus as it revolved, while with my left hand I held two buttons. When the light on the left went on I pushed the button on the left, and the same with the right button. This was pretty good too. The next test was done with lights. Lights blinked on in front of me. If the red one was below the green one I had to throw a switch nearest to me as fast as I could. If it was above the green I threw the switch farthest from me if it was to the right of the green I threw the switch to my right, and to the left, to my left. That was rather easy. The next was a turning er I have to draw a picture.


The object was to keep the button A. on the disk C. The disk slowly revolved on a turntable and also move back and forth. The button A was moved by turning handles B+C. C moving it away and toward me, B to my right and left. To make it more complicated the threads on these handles were reversed. This test really got me going. It test independency of hands. But my Boogie-Woogie playing helped me here as this developed independency of hand. I think I did well.

The next test was terrific. I sat down at a machine with a panel of lights in front of me, ie:


There was three rows of red lights and three rows of green as show. One red light is each red row was hit. My task was to line up the green light in the corresponding row with the red one I moved the light in row one by moving the stick that was set in the floor in front of me to the left or the right. In row II by moving the stick away or toward me, and in row III by pushing on the pedals that corresponded to rudder pedals. When I had one combination lined up, they flashed of and another group of red lights went on in another part of the corresponding rows. It was a hell of a lot of fun.

The last test was simple. I climbed into a small ting that represented a ship and by pressure on my left of right rudder I had to keep it aimed at a target. So end my test. All in all it took about 2 hours. This is the test Ace will get in Nashville to determine his classification.

I got a letter from Mickey today. On the return address on the back of the envelope she crossed out Holzheimer and put in Walsh. She slays me. She said that she’d call me when she arrived in N.C. on the 30th she must be crazy. God knows she actually libel to come down here.

I saw “Lassie Come Home” here it is marvelous isn’t it? Well you’ll be Texas bound Wednsday [sic]. I hope you have a wonderful trip, sweetheart, and say hello to Biggie for me, I’ll write her. In the meantime take care of yourself and give my love to all. I love you.

As ever


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