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Thursday 2000

Dearest Mom:

I just got through K.P. It wasn’t so bad today as I was in the guard mess, where all the men on guard duty are fed. I still had to get up at 0300.

How was your trip honey? I hope it wasn’t too tiring for you I think of you and try to picture where you are all the time

As you know I meant to the range yesterday. I was extremely intere4sting. In the morning I pulled + marked targets. That is I stood in the pit directly in front of the targets and flashed back the shooter’s score. It’s done by disks. A white disk is a bulls eye (s), a red disk is 4, a black cross on white backgnd. Is 3, and a black disk is 2. A red flag means that the target was missed altogether. They call this flag “Maggie’s Drawers.”

In the afternoon I shot the carbine, got a score of 2150 out of a possible 200, that classifies me as a marksman. Then I fired the Thompson Machine Gun. Boy that was terrific. 25 shots went off in a fraction of a second. Afterward we were all searched for shells. You can get 6 months for swiping one of them.

This classification is really beginning to wash-out the men. They’re washing out left and right. A fellow in the Orr barracks made it as a bombardier. I probably won’t know my results for a few days yet, though. If I fail, I fail. That’s all there is to it. If I can’t fly I can’t, what the hell, gunnery is allright [sic] too. All I hope is that you won’t be too disappointed if it happens.

I got a letter from Don T. and Pat Palryample today. Everything is the same there.

I just want to be issued a steel helmet. A P.A.C.’s are [?] issued them. It’s a beaut.

Well angel, I’m pretty tired, so guess I’ll sign off. Give my love to Biggie and Cynt, and to all at home. Goodnight sweetheart, I love you.


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