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Saturday night

My Darling,

Well, last night I had every intention of staying home and writing you a real nice long letter- like most of my good intentions however, it went astray and Woody and I went to the movies.

She was supposed to go to a baby shower but someone’s boyfriend came home and they called it off. We saw “Music For Millions” and some thing about a family of crooks. Main Street at night or something like that. Liked “Music For Millions” a lot. Jose Iturbi was so good. He sure can play- June Allyson was cute- Remember how she wore her hair- well, that’s something like the way I wear mine except I don’t let it come down in my face that way. But it’s sorta like that.

Oh what a day! For the first time I accomplished something. Golly, honey, again I’m so broke! Have five cents to last all week. Guess I’ll walk to work or hitchhike.

Went down to the wholesale house where I used to work and they didn’t have a single dress. Golly, I was so disappointed. Danny, he’s one of the salesmen, said they wouldn’t be cutting there until March. That’s just fine.

Then I called mother + met her in Best’s. Got a pair of loafers there and then went into just about every store in New York City looking for a can’t spell it, a house coat but couldn’t find one that I even liked.

“There Goes That Song Again” is number four on the Hit Parade.

Oh, then we went and I had a fitting on my wedding dress. I lost weight thank heavens since last week and she has to alter it some more.

Got my veil everytime I say that it reminds me of becoming a nun. Taking the veil on isn’t that what they do.

Anyway, honey, it has lilies of the valley on so try to get some flowers that will go with them. Oh, what kind of bouquet are you getting?

I think a round one would look best if possible. Have to ask mother what will look best tomorrow.

Well, anyway, then we went and looked at spring coats. Remember I told you I was going to get a pink one, well, I didn’t- it’s a yellow three quarter length one with a black velvet collar. You’ll see it in about 22 more days. Golly, three weeks from tomorrow, honey and we’ll be married. Time is really getting shorter now.

Then mother was just about dead or we had dinner. Afterwards I got another pair of flat shoes- they’re black lizagator.

Then we took back the stockings that mom got me for Christmas two sizes too small and got some that fit, I hope and a few pairs of socks + then came home.

It doesn’t sound like much but we sure were in a lot of places getting those few things. At least I’ve done something now. Only have half a million more things to do now.

What is it that walks with tis head pointing down? A nail in a shoe. Isn’t that awful? Oh yes, and I bought some envelopes today, to- Now I can write 25 more letters to you.

Was talking to mom tonight and she said you called. I wish that you’d call me. I miss you so, honey and want to be with you so much.

He’s a real gabby guy. You ask him the time and he tells you how to make a watch.

Oh, poor Bobbie, she seems to be having no end of trouble. Ace wants her to bring Ricky. She can’t get anything but a upper berth and can’t take Ricky unless she gets a lower.

Well, my darling, I’ve got a lot to do tonight. I’ll be good tomorrow and write a real long letter.

I love you more than you’ll ever know- til tomorrow honey

I love you.

Say is anything wrong between you and Steve? You’ve hardly mentioned him since you two me that time. Before you met him you were saying how much you wanted to see him but after you met not a word hardly.

What happened, honey? Then I the letter you wrote the other day you said you were having Tom for your best man.

What a day today has been! There have been some radical changes made- by the way, it’s been Sunday all this page. It’s Sunday evening now- just finished dinner.

Well, we decided that Charlotte isn’t coming down. We’re all furious with her. She was supposed to get a job to pay her expenses while she was down there but I’ve called her several times and she just doesn’t especially care – she’s gone to Conn. for the weekend. Didn’t bother to call or anything- anyway, everyone is so angry with her. I’ve been doing a lot of planning and so everything’s working out much better than planned because now I have the $78 that I planned to buy Charlotte’s ticket with. I was just about going crazy trying to figure out where I was going to get that $78 from, too. Well, now, I hope, everything will be all right.

Well, Hilda, do you remember her, is coming down. So don’t change the reservations or anything. Hilda is going to be my matron of honor. She’s going to wear powder blue.

Mother doesn’t know what color she’s going to wear.

There’s a real long story connected with Charlotte’s not going down. It’s too complicated but we’re all so mad at her.

What a wedding- this certainly is confused. Changed my maid of honor three times. First, Bobbie, then Charlotte and then Hilda. Nothing ever goes the way I plan it- I should know by now.

Oh, about the bus- everyone has a different opinion about what we should do. Do you want to write mom + my mother + tell them what you want us to do.

Let’s see- if we arrive in Atlanta we undoubtedly won’t be able to catch the 10:15 train. So maybe we’ll be able to take the bus. You said the bus leaves at 2:45. Well, honey, we’d be riding until 12:15 or sometime around there. That would be longer than the train takes.

Of course, I’d much rather take the bus + get there Thursday night but maybe the trip would be too much for mother.

If we stay all night in Atlanta we’ll get the train that leaves at 10:15 in the morning. We’ll get there sometime Friday evening. What do you think, honey?

When is the graduation dance? Why don’t you write to mom + my mother and tell them what you’d like them to do.

Gee, honey, I’m so tired- woke up at seven again this morning. What a day this has been. Golly, I’m exhausted. We’ve been arguing all day.

Gee, honey, I miss you so. I wish March 11th would hurry. It seems so awfully long since we’ve been together.

I hope that you’ll like my wedding dress.

Say, how did you mean it when you said you had a WAC for an instructor in Gun-Air stuff- and anyhow you mad e a good score? Huh?

Don’t know where I put your last letter, honey, so I can’t answer any of your questions.

I just didn’t get around to writing sooner, honey. I’m so sorry I was planning to write you a long letter.

Tomorrow night we’re going to see “To Have And To Have Not” so I won’t be able to write then either. Oh, honey, I wish March 11th would hurry. Only 21 more days, honey. Three weeks from today and we’ll be married.

Honey, I love you so much. You’re so sweet and wonderful. I wish I were more awake so I could tell you how very much I adore you.

Well, darling, I’ll try to write a short letter tomorrow.

I love you so- now and



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