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My Darling,

The sunny South, phooey. The weather has been lousey [sic] here lately. I didn’t fly last nigh [sic] after all, the [?] was too low, so D. II 9clark) chick and I went to the movies. “Tonight and Every Night” was there. That sure was a hot show, and I don’t mean warm. These movies are getting sexier and sexier. This reminded me of the “Eltinge” or Republic” on 42nd street, where I spent the glorious days of my youth.

I didn’t get a letter form you today honey, so I haven’t any questions to answer, so let’s talk about you.

I say old girl, you’re a bit of a night (I’m using the technique some British joker used in the movie last night. He got results so it must be good.) I kinda like that old Brooklyn line though “Baby, I loves ya” stuff.

Don’t mind me, I’m half asleep and sorta lonesome, and kinda in love so I’m not responsible for anything I say.

We’re all sitting around logging time in our Flighters. (Officers Cups) We gotta log ten hours eagle time in it before we graduate. Let’s see tonight makes 4 ½ I’ve got. Witt a stalled out Buzzard (Flo’s insignia) it doesn’t count. It has to be with the Spread Eagle on it. What a way to waste time, we’ve got so much.

You ought to see us trying to get a “twenty-mission” [?] in them. Guys sleep on then, take showers with them, try to tie ‘em in knots, try to put them under the door, anything to get that “infantry” look out of them. I find the best way is just knot it up in a small ball and put it in my coat pocket.

Gee honey, only 20 more days. I ought to be finished flying in about a week, I’ve got 56 hours now.

I started instruments I guess I’ve told you. They’re plenty rough. We’re only allowed to deviate 3° on heading and 10 feet on altitude. Anything over that is failing. I’ll be glad when I’m through with them. I get 12 hours here, so far I’ve got 2:45.

Well darling, I’ve got to take a shower. I love you and miss you so much. I can hardly wait to see you angel. Three more weeks.

I love you darling, you have all my love-



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