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My Darling,

I just got back from the skeet range. Boy is my arm sore! That damn gun kicks like a mule. I’m getting better though, broke 19 out of 25 the second time.

Thanks for the valentine honey. Did you notice how much alike ours were? Two minds with the same though, that’s good. We even wrote almost the same thing on them, must be fate.

Couldn’t write last night I was too tired, this night flying is rough. I fly again tonight, for the last time, I hope.

Well at least we had a Sunday that wasn’t rainy. I flew instruments this morning for two hours, then some low clouds moved in and flying was called, so we came back after and shoot skeet.

I heard from Sweetie yesterday. He’s fine, says hello. He doesn’t think he’ll be able to make it here by two o’clock. I don’t mind much because I think I should have Tom as my best man.

Yes it is funny about last Friday night. Sometimes I miss you so doggone much darling. Gosh I wish this time would hurry.

I guess I told you I couldn’t get the rings this weekend, no open post. The week always seems so much longer when we don’t get off weekends.

Just a minute young lady, I answered your questions about what kind of scotch’s are good. So take it easy and one bottle will be plenty darling. I answered it the day, or day after, I got the letter. Goodnight honey, it takes a few days for mail to get back and forth.

I’m glad we’re going to have announcements. I don’t know too many people to send them to. Send one to Sue Burnham for me, and the [?] in New Rochelle and Jean Moseny, Don, and Dud Nash, and my Uncle, don’t forget him, and mom probably wants one to go to Texas. You can find that out from her. And try to find out where Charlie Lange is, I’d like him to have one. I guess you’d better leave mickey out. That’s all I can think of now honey. If I think of any more I’ll tell you. I don’t see any sense in sending to many.

Well I’m not first in academics here. There’s a student officer, a 1st Lt. that’s ahead of me. But I’m ahead on time. I’ve got fifty three hours now.

Yes, I doubt if I’ll go to Europe, they don’t use 29’s over there. I’m going to the Pacific area all right. When I do go over I’ll probably fly with my crew so I haven’t any idea where I’ll leave from. Anyhow probably wouldn’t be able to be with me. We just get there and take off. But that’s a long way off. I said it won’t be until October, why I try to keep it from you honey? At earliest it will be the last of September, but I doubt it.

Well, since you said please, I’ll tell you. Pinch bottle is better.

What gave you the idea that there’s anything wrong between me and Sweetie? He’s as busy as I am we write about once a month to each other. I’ve got one his shirts though. Tell Woody to tell him that I’ll send it to him when I can find some string.

I’m not going to tell you where we’re going on our honeymoon. I’m not sure yet myself, but I guess I’ll surprise you. We ought to be able to stay ten days maybe, so then you can swim, honey. What a complicated marriage! Is there anything else that could happen to us? I want to get to [?] a few days early so we can get somewhat settled (am I kidding!)

You think I’m afraid of a colonel? A measly colonel? Huh! Colonel, Colonel, hmm, couldn’t you just me a major or less. Well, colonel or not, this 2nd Lt. (or F/O) is giving orders, and don’t try to pull you’re your [sic] rank on me. Hey beautiful, have I told you that I love you yet? You’re tops baby, always stay that way.

Don’t let that family of mine kid you about not being able to cook, Bobby couldn’t boil water. You can do that, or can you?

Have you gotten those pictures back, honey? (answer my questions!!!) Send me a set right away as soon as you get them please.

I love you darling. Three weeks from now we will be married about three hours. I know I’ll be shaking like a leaf. (I always do when I get married.)

Angel- I miss you more every day we’re apart.

I noticed on one of your letters some lipstick in the corner where you must have held it between your teeth. I wish it was on me instead of the letter.

I love you darling. Give my best to everyone.

Until a few weeks from now all I can give you is all my love-



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