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On the flight line

Dear Mom,

I just got down from a good flight. I shot landings & take offs today at Haley, our auxillary [sic] field. It was beautiful today. We were just under the clouds at 1600’. We were just scrapping [sic] the bottom of them, it was like floating around the cieling [sic] of a huge room. Mom, you have no idea how much I love to fly. There’s nothing like it. The sky is a separate world. When I get up there I forget everything, and have a little bit of heaven.

When are you going to return to N. Roch. Honey [?] I want to call you when I solo, which will be next week, or the first of the week after. I’m behind schedule because of this shitty weather. Today the cieling lifted early, however. Next week I fly in the afternoon again, so I’ll catch up on my time.

My average in Engines is 98; in Airplane Structure, 92 ½, making my mark in academics 95 ¼, not bad, eh?

I think of you always my dear mother, take a kiss and love from

Your Son


[Transcription ends]