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Dear Mom,

Eighteen more to go, honey. I walked six more off this weekend. I think I’ll buy some rollerskates. Say honey, before I forget it, do you think you might dig up a carton of Fleetwoods for your son[?] They don’t have them here. They would be very much appreciated.

There’s no news whatsoever honey. I have a test tomorrow in Engines, we’re studying fuel systems now, it’s very interesting. Between tours today I went swimming, boy that pool is heaven sent. Right now I’m sitting in they [sic] dayroom in my bathrobe & slippers. The fellas kid me about the robe, but I like to were [sic] it, it reminds me of those Sunday nights we used to spend at the house in front of the fire with “bea!” those were the days. (Ah, a change of color!)

Tomorrow I’ll probably shoot landings. Sometime this week I will begin my supervised solos, Wednsday [sic] perhaps. When I solo I’ll call you about seven o’clock my time, eight o’clock E. W. T. I[t] will be grand to hear your sweet voice honey. You have no idea how much I think about you, and wish I could see you. I love you with all my heart.

Your son


P. S.—Here’re some pictures of the H. P.

[Transcription ends]