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Teusday [sic]

Dear Mom,

You will probably wonder why I’m writing at this late hour. I’m s. o. b. today, and have to stay up until 2330 when open Post for the upper class ends. This is a pretty soft job except for that.

I’m almost through my tours, by my figuring, but according to the Army, I’m already through, since I am not on the new tour list, so I’m not complaining. That means I will get out Wednsday [sic] night. It’ll be good to see a movie again. That’s what I missed most I guess. You know how I love them.

I get off duty tomorrow at 1245, just in time for my 20 hour check. I don’t think I’ll take it though. A fellow can’t fly his best with only six hours sleep.

My ground school is going fine. Weather is getting a little complicated what with all the symbals [sic] (array of symbols drawn). I have to learn dozens like these, in order to read weather maps. I got 96 in my first test however.

Thank Nan for her letter, and tell her I’ll write her soon. I love you honey, beyond words. Give my loe to Bob, and a kiss to her & Rickey. And to you—xxxxxxxxx oooooooooo…etc,…etc.

Your devoted son


[Transcription ends]