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525 Lamar Avenue

Selma, Alabama


Dear Mom,

At long last we’re all settled. Been trying to write every day but somehow couldn’t get around to it.

It was really wonderful to hear your voice on the phone New Year’s Eve. Golly, it’s been such a long time since we talked with you. We were both so sorry to hear that you were all alone—

Remember we mentioned going to the movin’ pitchers. That’s as close as we got. We were both so tired from moving we just waited for 12 o’clock & after a weak “Happy New Year” fell asleep. Judd was really beat cause he’d had to do most of the real work.

We had dinner at the Post on New Year’s Day and were so disappointed cause they didn’t have turkey. Are you & Bobby both recȯȯperated? Sure hope so. Take care of yourself. There’s so much flu going around. Down here too—

Did you manage to get any sheets? We’ve tried & tried to get some down here but there [sic] impossible to find. We need them so badly & will certainly appreciate your getting them.

Is Don home for good or was he just on leave? It was nice that he could get home. We sent him a Christmas card but he probably won’t receive it for years cause we sent it overseas.

My hospitalization isn’t any good. A family contract has to be in effect for 10 months before you can use it for a baby. Mother & Daddy sent us a money order, though, and that surely will help a lot.

Judd’s going to take the course in Radio probably as soon as he completes the history course. He can really use it! As Bobby will probably remember. This one will be a pleasure though & not like the history course.

Judd doesn’t do much flying as he told you on the phone. He just gets his 4 hours a month in so we get the flying pay.

Did the pictures of the babies around the tree turn out? We can hardly wait to see them. Golly, Ace really does a marvelous job with a box camera. Hope he has a job now. It really must be rough. The jobs just don’t pay anything.

How is Nannie? Is she going to have a baby? We’re praying for her? What did the Dr. say? Let us know as soon as you hear anything.

Well, it’s supposed to be about 4 more days now. We’re going crazy with the suspense. Hope W. J. comes on time or early. He’s supposed to be born on the 11th but the Dr. said that he’d come anytime from the 10th to the 20th. Golly, sure hope it’s close to the 10th.

All the good shows are coming to the Field & we’re trying to see them all. Probably won’t be able to see the ones we want to. Golly, babies are so indefinite—

Haven’t any idea how to take care of a baby & it’s awful. Don’t know what we need or anything. The only thing I know is you need millions of diapers but gee, don’t even know how to put one on. Hope it’s something that just comes easily.

We’ve been having quite a bit of rain lately & the Alabama River is really high. It’s supposed to reach 41 feet by Thursday. Normally it’s about 20 feet, I think.

What weather. Last night we only had a sheet over us & were still warm. It’s just like summer.

Give our love to everyone & tell Nannie & Bobbie I’ll answer their letters soon. Take care of yourself & please write soon.

Lots of love,

Dottie & Judd

[Transcription ends]