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My Darling,

Well it finally happened. I’ve run out of ink- This will be a short letter honey, because I’m going to the movies in a second to see “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo”.

Sorry that I didn’t write yesterday but Charlotte cut school + was here all day until I went to Bobbies. Didn’t get home until quarter to eleven + so didn’t write.

Nothing very interesting happened. Bobbies on the train going to New York now. Her train leaves at two. Golly, I wish I were going to leave today to see you- she’s not too excited. Guess she can’t believe it.

Excuse the time elapsing. Just went to the movies or rather come back from there.

Saw “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo”. That was some picture. It sure made me realize there’s a war on. They should have more of the actual fighting pictures and some of the training films that the Army sees. It would make people think a lot more. But whenever they show things, the worst side of the war, all the bloody killing + wounded, people are so queer. They get the attitude of why waste our time with this. I can’t understand it. Lately they’ve been showing the pictures of the wounded men and every time someone is sure to ask why they bore “us” with this. More + more people are reacting that way. Can’t understand it.

Woody wants me to come down tonight. I really don’t want to at all because I don’t feel like talking to anyone. But I’ve been postponing it for so long I guess I’ll have to. I’d much rather stay home and write you.

Wait a sec. I’m going to look for some ink. Don’t know if this will work for long. My ink was all dried up + so I put some water on it. Hope it holds out til tomorrow.

We’re having lousy weather again- now it’s raining today! Well, there’s one consolation about that – it washed a lot of the snow away.

Last night was awful. It rained and froze as soon as it hit the ground- It was just like skating to move. We slid out of Bobbie’s house. You should have seen Daddy going down Bobbie’s steps. He just sat down and slid. Got a little damp but got down safely.

Gee, darling, are you going to be able to live off the post? What’s this about you’re going to transition at Spence Field? Will you be going to transition? I thought we’d go right to Texas. Oh, not that it makes much difference. One place is just as good as the other as long as we can be together. But how long will the transition be? Will you be able to get any time off after we’re married for a honeymoon?

Oh, where are we going if we go? Gee, honey, it’s not very much longer now. Wonder what it will be like to be married to a flier. Hope that you’ll be able to live with me wherever we are.

Rex is licking my nose. Everything around here is always so calm and peaceful when I’m writing you.

Daddy thinks that he can get a tube for my radio. Hope so. But you can sing to me. That reminds me, darling, how about it. You never did sing. I must do something about that.

Happy George Washington’s Birthday. They’re playing “My Ideal”- you sure are! Ever since that first night we went out together I knew you were the only one for me.

Oh, the King Cole trio is playing almost. Anyway he said they would. It’s the Ballrooms + you know those commercials – Oh, “It’s Only a Paper Moon”- Golly, that remind me of you so much. I miss you so, honey, whenever I hear songs that we heard together I get so lonesome.

Songs mean so much. They bring back more memories than anything else. Was lying down but can’t write that way.

There wasn’t any mail delivery. Holidays are awful. Do you miss letters as much as I do when they don’t come.

This week went pretty fast. Not half fast enough though. Well, seventeen more days. Tomorrow it will only be sixteen and the next day fifteen and then two weeks- Golly, in a way time has gone real fast but in another way it seems years and years.

Gee, darling, everyone keeps wanting to know if I’m excited but it doesn’t’ seem near and I’m not. But one reason is that you’re not here- whenever you call, I get excited and it seems more real. Now it’s more like a wonderful dream.

Honey, how many announcements do you want printed? Can you make a list sometime? We have to order them soon- they’ll probably get them all ready except for your name. You’re such a problem- Lieutenant Wm. Judson Clark. That sounds real nice. You’re going to make a wonderful officer. Can hardly wait to see you in an officer’s uniform. I’ll bet you look sharp. You’re so handsome anyhow, honey.

I’m so glad that your hair is curly. You look adorable when you wake up in the morning. When your hair is all curly and you’re half asleep. Oh, everytime they showed Van Johnson asleep it reminded me of you. He sleeps somewhat the same way you do. Except you look so much cuter than he does. Whether you’re asleep or awake.

Know what? I love you. You’re without doubt the most wonderful man in the world, the best flier and if I keep this up, you’ll be the most conceited. But I love you so, honey.

Gee, honey, will you have to study at night the way he did? I hope not. I wonder how often you’ll have to fly nights.

What do they do to you in transition? What is that for? What do you learn? Will you fly twin engines there?

Honey, I wish we were married and together now. It is so ling since the last time you were home. Golly, Christmas might be a thousand years ago. It certainly seems it. I just want to be with you again more than anything else in the world.

Oh, that reminds me, Woody go a letter from Sweetie yesterday and he said he thought they were cutting his leave and that he probably wouldn’t be able to come up to see her in March. That’s getting out of it nicely but it certainly wouldn’t foo me- I don’t know how Woody could fall for his line. Guess because she wants to. It’s funny how people believe what they want to. If I were a what am I saying, if I were Woody or someone Steve had handed a lite to, I’m sure I’d see through it right away. Anyway I’ve always believed about ¼ of what a fellow says. That’s the safest way and the only practical thing I’ve ever done.

Gee, honey, next time I see Bobbie I’ll be Mrs. Clark. You’ll be an officer, too. Wonder what Ace will be. Oh, honey, what will we do when you get a leave? Will we go home or what and if we do go home where will we stay. If we stay at either your house or my house where would we sleep? I was thinking about that. When you get a leave where would we go. I can think of more problems can’t I?

Ricky is at the Nisar’s now. Last night they called Bobbie so that Ricky could say goodnight. She got so excited. It was the first time he talked over the phone. She was so cute. Yelling that she could hear him breathing. You’d think she’d left him there about ten months ago. Wonder where Bobbie is now. She’s on her way anyway. Wish we were.

Bobbie shipped her big suitcase and had a rickety old one that was ready to give up + collapse any minute. Then she had a shoebox of sandwiches. Can’t you see her, all she needed was pigtails and a big ribbon.

We’re going to be much worse. Mother doesn’t want me to ship the bag because she’s sure something will happen to them. Well, the three bags of mine, my hat box, a box with my wedding dress, another box with my veil, mother’s suitcase, Daddy’s suitcase, Mom’s suitcase, some stuff of yours that she’s bringing. Hilda’s suitcase and all of us are going to fit into a tiny drawing room for two people- that should be good- besides that we’re going to bring something to eat, too. How we’ll do it is beyond me- oh, well, that’s a minor detail.

Gee, darling, I miss you so. I sure wish these seventeen days would hurry. Everyone says they will but they’re not getting married. How do you feel, honey, are you getting excited? Golly, you’ll be getting your wings and married on the same day. I hope you’ll be able to remember our anniversary.

Oh, honey, in case you haven’t answered it, would you wear an identification bracelet if I got it for you. I’d like to give you one for graduation but I know how you feel about the one you have now. Well? And if you’ll wear another one, would you rather have silver or gold? And if you wait, what in the name of heave can I give you? Answer that, please.

Honey, I love you so. I’m so lonesome without you. It seems a million years since we were together. It won’t be much longer now.

How many hours do you have now, honey? Have you finished your night cross countries? When do you start your instruments or have you already? How many hours of instruments do you have to have? Hope that you aren’t working to hard, honey. I know how awfully hard it is for you to write but you’ve been wonderful. You’ve been really better than I have. I certainly appreciate your letters, honey, and they’ve all been marvelous. I hope we’re not apart for long ever. Never can say what I want to in a letter.

I suppose that you know that Kenneth had pnomonia [sic]. Can’t spell it- But he’s much better now. Sat up for three hours yesterday. Didn’t want to tell you until someone else did because I really don’t know very much about it. Anyway now that he’s better I guess someone has told you.

That reminds me if you’re ever sick or anything, promise me you’ll tell me + not try to keep it from me? I’d rather you told me than hearing someone else say something. Of course you’ll probably never be ill but just in case.

Well, honey, just returned from Woody’s. Sorry but it’s late. Wish I could write more but it’s late now. I love you so much, my darling.

What a night! It’s so foggy that we couldn’t see ten feet ahead of us Daddy almost drove up two trees. Golly we couldn’t even see the road.

I love you so, honey, I’ll never be able to tell you how much but anyway I’ll keep trying.

Golly darling 17 more days. I miss you more and more. Hope these seventeen days go real fast.

I’ll write tomorrow again, honey, I love you so.

You say “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” didn’t you, honey? Gee, it was good. Anything with men in reminds me of you.

I love you so, honey. Goodnight for now. I adore you, honey. You’ll have all my love-



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