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My Darling,

I’m happy today- got a letter from you. The mailman just came. Gee, honey, I love you so.

What a day. It’s all cloudy and looks as though it were going to rain any second. Hope it doesn’t. Have to go shopping- strictly window shopping- in New Rochelle and Mt. Vernon.

Having more trouble trying to find a negligee that isn’t marquisette (any way the kind that you can’t see through. They’re all like celephane [sic].) Maybe today I’ll find one.

Shooting skeet must be hard. That sounds good- 19 out of 25. I’d be amazed to come close to one out of 25. That’s something else you’ll have to teach me- how to shoot. Then when I catch you running ‘round with other women I can be real dramatic about it.

Goley [sic], honey, I wish you’d finish that night flying. It must be awful to fly so late + then get up at the same ungodly hour in the morning. Anytime you’re too tired or don’t feel like writing don’t. Not that you would but don’t feel that you have to. I realize how hard it is for you to write so often.

I hope it doesn’t rain on March 11th. Oh, that reminds me. I had the craziest dream last night. We got married + then you disappeared suddenly right after the ceremony and the next thing I remember you were flying around. It was so vivid. You were buzzing all the houses and I was trying to get your attention. I can remember I had my wedding dress on + it looked very nice but you wouldn’t come down.

Then this fellow from the Navy Air Corps came + we were talking (this must have been a hangover from “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo”.) He looked like Bob- the one Van Johnson was going to buy a ranch with. He was complaining about how fresh the Marines were. I was telling him what had happened + he wanted to know what else I could expect from a Marine. After about five minutes I’d convinced him that you weren’t a marine + were the the [sic] best pilot in the Army Air Corps.

Then you finally drove up in a car- Gee, it was a funny dream. It was much more complicated than that but it wouldn’t make sense to you. You looked so cute, though.

Woody and I are going to see “National Velvet” tonight. It’s supposed to be good. As long as it’s about a horse I’m sure to like it.

That reminds me, honey, we should go riding sometime. Maybe when we’re old and gray someday we’ll go.

Oh, honey, don’t you want to send any announcements to Steve or any of the fellows in the Air Corps. We’ll have loads of them so don’t worry about that. Golly, you only get married once on March 11th. We’re having a couple hundred made so we have to use them up.

What a wedding this is going to be! Nothing has gone the way we planned! You’ve changed your bestman + I’ve changed my attendants and the place has been changed. That’s what I like- everything goes exactly the opposite from the way we plan. Wonder if that will happen all our lives. Hope so- I love things to happen.

Are you going to be able to get the rings this weekend, honey? Or aren’t they giving you open Post? This week went real fast for me- The weekends always do anyway. Oh honey, are you going to have our rings engraved there? Let me know about your ring so I can send you the money, hon.

You most certainly didn’t answer my questions about Scotch! (Not until this letter). You didn’t tell me how much to get. I’ll get more than one bottle, honey. One bottle will never last you until we get out of the south.

Someone is playing “I’m Beginning To See The Light”. Hope I can remember to buy some ink, honey, this stuff is getting lighter and lighter.

Gee, honey, only 16 more days. You’ll probably be getting your rings about now. Hope it’s a nice day but I probably wouldn’t know the difference. Gee, honey, it won’t be much longer now.

You’re just too wonderful, honey! You’re just too, too wonderful. I wish I could be with you now. I miss you more + more every day.

The sun just came out. Happy Day! It still looks like a storm. I love you so-

Well, honey, just got back from “National Velvet”. It was wonderful. What a picture. I love horses- Woody + I went and I’ve almost got her talked into going riding. Gee, I love you honey. Someday maybe we’ll go riding together.

Tomorrow I may go if it’s nice out and not too cold- Woody’s never been and I’m trying to get her to go.

Gee, darling, I miss you so. I wish we were going to be married now instead of in sixteen more days.

Well, honey it’s pretty late. Guess I better get to bed.

I’ll write tomorrow, my darling, I miss you more and more. And they’ll never be words enough to tell you how very much I love you.

Do you know Carol’s sister? She had a baby boy the other day. Her husband was killed in France the first day he went into action- the only thing that kept her going was the baby. She was praying so that it would be a boy. Carol is real busy now being an Aunt.

Well, honey, as I said before I’d better be getting.

I love you and will love you



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